Should you marry the one you love?

Should you marry the one you love?

Love has its charm in itself but the promise of a lifetime together has its own requirements which love may not be able to fulfil always.

Love is an emotion which is felt by a particular individual that is then expressed through lovable means to another individual who is being loved but love can only be well expressed when there is mental peace, happiness and satisfaction – all of which is brought about with the capacity of understanding each other and being supportive of one another, without which a marriage will never stand. So if you marry someone because you love them, ignoring all the other aspects of a relationship which rather nurture love then not only will your marriage be at stake but so will your love for your beloved.



Should you marry the one you love?

A married couple must make not only a mentally compatible pair but also a physically complementary pair. Love does not necessitate a proper match so that if a young lady aged 22 falls in love with a man aged 50 or vice versa, then it isn’t a proper marriageable match, provided one is looking to extend the family, because the age gap is so much that the couple doesn’t have the opportunity of growing, experiencing and learning together as human beings. One of them is better experienced and probably less enthusiastic while the other is less experienced but more enthusiastic.



Should you marry the one you love?

Love often grows out of infatuation and lust when two people have hardly known each other to fall in love with each other. At circumstances like this people fail to view situations in practical terms. They might take a hurried decision out of impulse and repent later on. When two completely unmatched souls proclaim to have fallen in love and are ready to fight their way out with their families through to marriage, must understand that what is not meant to be should not be forced because disparity is bound to arise throughout your stay with this particular person you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with. The incompatibility in the backgrounds of the two families is just one such instance of discord which will nurture deeper issues in the future.



Love is never enough to sustain a marriage; even if your relationship abounds in love it won’t help you obtain a proper living either for yourselves or for your children. It is very important to marry someone who is financially independent and responsible so that both of you can support each other in times of need not only emotionally (which in exclusion, is inept) but financially as well, because honestly no matter how much more valuable emotions are to money, they aren’t enough to keep up a living.



Should you marry the one you love?

Love that grows out of lust does not remain constant and even if love remains, it will cease to express itself as fantastical and idealistic, after a point in time. Hence love will inappropriately suffice for the relationship in times of crisis, provided it is based on an ideal image of the beloved concerned, so that when the ideal image is shattered love will start to evaporate, when continuing the relationship will become burdensome for the two individuals who had fallen in love with only parts of the other’s self. Love is never enough to get into a marital relationship with an individual; the most important things are: the ability to be understanding, patient and responsible towards one’s family.

Marriage is a bond that should be entered into wisely and in order to survive a satisfactory marriage a bit of practicality is required along with emotions while choosing one’s partner.



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