How and why to master the art of saying ‘No’!

How and why to master the art of saying 'No'!

If there is anything more difficult than saying those three magical words is a simple word called ‘No’. Saying No wrecks us completely and most of us refrain from saying it because we are scared to hurt others. But the inner truth behind such situations where you nod a yes instead of replying No is that it will only lead to further issues. If you too live with the belief that by saying Yes all the time, you are leaving a very good impression on others, then you are wrong. You will only be able to experience the positive effects of saying NO once you start practicing it.

Saying No is obviously the hard part but even though it starts at a difficult note, slowly and gradually you will see that the surroundings mold for your better. You will certainly come across a number of unreasonable requests in your daily lives and it is simply unfair to yourself that you say yes to all of them. It is essential that one learns to say No because many times you will be offered unproductive invitations that you need to decline. So here is how you can master the art of saying No!


For your benefits, it is important that you set definite priorities and respect them. When we are in our office environments we know how to prioritize things and finish the given task. Similarly, in our personal lives too, we need to prioritize our events and act accordingly. It is crucial that you say No to stroppy requests if you wish for better productivity.


In no time, people around you will start walking all over your life if you say yes all the time. It is needed that you set your boundaries very clearly at the start itself. Your colleagues at work or your acquaintances in our college need to be aware about how much favor they can demand from you.  This will help you build a balanced system in your life. This anyhow doesn’t mean that you will spoil your bond with them.


How and why to master the art of saying 'No'!

Saying yes all the time sends out the sign that you are convenient and readily available all the time. Remember that people will overlook the fact that you are doing all the favors sheer out of courtesy. Rather they will assume that it is your will and enthusiasm that you always agree to help them.

These were few steps that will lead you to more productivity and bring stability in life. But there are other few points that you need to bring your attention towards. Since you have now learnt how to say No, it is time you know that why you need to say No.


How do you feel when you return from a wedding after having two extra plates of snacks? You feel full and exhausted. Isn’t it?

Similar is the feeling when you accept a zillion things by saying yes to everything and compromising with your happiness.


When you take a responsibility, together comes all the stress and tension attached with it. When you do not limit the favors people ask from you and end up saying yes to all the things, your finale is nothing less than turmoil. Therefore, it is utmost important that you signal No to things that you do not really wish to do.


How and why to master the art of saying 'No'!

When you become an appropriate option for others to get their work done, you become subjected to day in and day out exploitation. Some people will take advantage of you deliberately and some because they have unknowingly started to take you for granted. In any case, they aren’t to be blamed. It is your periphery that has landed you in such situations and it is only up to you to change your surroundings.

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that if you are afraid to say No just because you think you will be tagged as unfriendly and rude, then all you need to know is that a sensible person will never judge you just because you said No to something. So pull your socks up and bring changes in your ways in how you deal with people and set clear boundaries in the beginning itself.


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