6 Menstrual hygiene tips you need to follow!

Menstrual hygiene is a much-neglected topic. Your periods are a very important part of your womanhood. Below are certain tips that can help you manage those days quite easily.


Indian culture has made it a taboo and quite a lot of us choose to deal with our menses secretively and do not care about whether certain practices are healthy or not.


Be careful with your sanitary habits

Women have a number of options to choose from these days from tampons, sanitary napkins to menstrual cups of all ranges. You can try and stick to a brand that suits your needs rather than switching quite frequently between options. Every brand is unique and caters to each woman who has unique demands.


Change your preferred method of sanitation regularly

A lot us use just a single pad the whole day. Every sanitary pad must be changed in every 6 hour and tampons every two hours. You need to understand your body and its flow. Failing to do this will spread infections ad rashes and lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Even on days when you don’t bleed much, change your pads since your body sweat and vaginal organisms can breed microorganisms.

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Menstrual Hygiene Tips


Wash your vagina every time you visit the toilet

The vaginal anatomy is quite complicated. The outer skin has folds in which blood can accumulate and lead to a bad odour. In case, you have reservations about getting your hands into the area on your periods, tissues can be handy too!


Avoid using soaps or cleaning products

The vagina has a very efficient mechanism of cleaning itself. These will only destroy the pH balance. Just water is enough to get is squeaky clean.


Take a bath regularly for menstrual hygiene

A number of cultures debar a woman from taking a bath during those days of the month. This was quite understandable in the olden days women had to bathe in ponds or waterfalls. However, these days bathing is the most hygienic thing you can resort to on your menses. Bathing immediately freshens your mood and relieves you off cramps and bloating that is quite common during these days. Warm water shower can be quite a comforter if you suffer from backaches.


Dispose off the product with care

Try discarding the product in closed bins. Wrap it properly else it will give away bad odour. Also try not flushing into toilets in order to avoid clogging.


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