Mental detoxification: Do you need it?

We are very familiar with body detoxification. A number of studies have been conducted to show what causes toxins to build up in our bodies, what lifestyle changes need to be adopted and how we train our bodies to accept positive changes that we make in our day-to-day activities.

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However, are you aware of the fact that your mind needs detoxification too? Do you know that negativity can trigger toxin build up in your system and that to aid body detoxification you need to clear your mind too? If your mind is jammed, you cannot live in the present. Also, you will not be in a position to accept all the good that is being offered to you by the universe. In order to free yourself from the clutches and truly think, process, and feel what you do, you need to be mentally living in the present.

Here are a few instances that will help you understand when you need to undergo mental detoxification to keep your overall being happy.

You lack the strength to perform:



If you have been feeling too weak and tired to perform any activity, it’s a sign that you need to clear your mind. You might feel your thoughts are clouded and your creativity is getting affected. You get stuck at one place and cannot think beyond it. That threshold is difficult to surpass. Take the help of yoga and meditation to unblock your senses and boost your work output.


Your abilities have reached a dead-end:


You might have been delivering your work all too slowly. What you wish to do is different from what you are actually delivering. When you senses are clouded, you fail to perform to the best of your ability. What lies in your strength now is to counter it and escape from what’s holding you back. You might feel dejected, lost, fearful, frustrated, depressed, demotivated and stressed. Try and imbibe new skills or acquire a new hobby. This can be collecting new stamps, visiting art galleries, attending music or dance shows and anything that you have an interest in. At times, these are the only places that will help you channel out your negativity and be happy.


You are not mindful of your physical self:


Often engaging in dangerous activities like unhealthy sexual practices, drug abuse, abstaining from taking a bath or taking an interest in negative supernatural activities can harm your mind and suck out all you positive vibes. Taking care of your physical self can not just keep you healthy but also keep you refreshed. Your appearance can have a great effect on your self- confidence and the way you carry yourself in the outside world. Self- love can do wonders. Engage in retail therapy, treat yourself to a spa, or buy yourself something that you always wanted to have. You will see very positive changes in your attitude and overall achievement of mental peace and stability.


You are angry and panicky all the time:


Have you been lately complaining about all that you are doing or what others might be trying to do for you? Do you get angered by the very little things that happen in ways other than how you expect them to be? Or do you panic about what the future holds for you rather than living in the present? An angry person is filled with negative thoughts and cannot accept or deal with situations gracefully. You can seek help in case you feel that your approach towards dealing with situations is getting difficult with every passing day. Or else, maintain a journal and write down all the good qualities that you are aware about yourself. It will help you appreciate your achievements and bring you at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Engage is healthy activities that will keep you calm. A peaceful mind will benefit all that you seek to undertake.

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