A mothers love is patient and forgiving

When all others are forsaking,

It never fails or falters,

Even though the heart is breaking.

                                             -Helen Rice

Mother, the proof of your being, the angel of love, the goddess of your upbringing. She is the woman who suckled you, who suffered the pain of keeping you in her womb for nine months just to see you breathe, who stayed awake innumerable nights, singing lullabies for you to sleep soundly, who changed your diaper every now and then, you kissed you a thousand times, who caressed your back, who played with your tiny little fingers, who danced with you when you took your first step, who cried out of happiness when you said, “Ma.”

A woman who does the work of 20 or so maids without complaining! And what does she get in return? Your arrogance. Your hurtful words of asking her to stay out of your business. Just because you have grown in size, you think she has no knowledge of the modern world. If you recall clearly, she is the one who taught you how to read and write. She imbibed priceless knowledge in you. She brags about things because now she has turned old. Stop taking your mom for granted. Without her, there’s no place for you in this world. Ask those who have lost their mothers, “How do you feel?” Keep in mind that Karma is for real. One day, you will be a mom or a dad. It is then you will realize, how much pain your mom has endured for you. Maybe, by then it will be too late!

Give your mom the love she gave you. She is the greatest teacher of respect, love and compassion. She is your best critic yet your strongest supporter. In spite of how many mistakes you make, in spite of how many vengeful words you lash out at her, she will always forgive you. She is your truest friend, the best gift given to You by God. She is the embodiment of sacrifice, care and protection. Whenever you need a friend, she will be there with welcoming arms. For her, you are a child and will forever be. There is only one person she has ever loved more than herself. That is YOU.