This Mother’s Day, do something SPECIAL

This Mother’s Day, do something SPECIAL.

This Mother’s Day, do something SPECIAL.


Mother’ is the most beautiful thing to be. No one can compare the love of a mother to anything else.

When her child cries, tears flow down her cheeks, when he coughs, she is petrified, when he contracts a disease, she can’t sleep, when he doesn’t eat, she loses her appetite and when he smiles, she blooms in happiness. So pure is her being, so natural her love.

A mother does everything she can for her child. Yet, are we giving her back? Like all of us, once she had a dream, an aim in life to do something, to make her career, to perhaps, pursue her hobbies. Now when she has a child, she has surrendered all her dreams for you. Now she wants her child to become what she couldn’t.

But we can make her dreams come true. We can help her use the time she spent studying at schools and universities. We can do small chores like the dishes, dusting grocery etc. We can encourage her to be what she wants. And why not, when we have Internshala, everything is possible!

This mother’s day, Internshala has come up with Internships for Supermoms, a noble campaign that provides all kinds of Internships to moms who have been detached from their jobs. She can walk down the nearby office not with a resume in her hand but as an intern, she can work from home, she can work part time or work on weekends. So many opportunities are knocking at your door, why not grab them?

Instead of buying gifts, hug your mom, give her what she truly wants. Make her dreams come true. It’s time for us to etch that beautiful smile on her face. It’s time for us to give back!

Apply here ( ) before 18th May. It’s now or never!


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