How to move from “friend zone” to “love zone”?

How to move from "friend zone" to "love zone""

Yup! You read the title right. Girls do get friend zoned too! Nothing can be more heart-wrenching than to act like friends with the guy of your dreams while your heart screams inside ” Be mine darling!!”. If you too find yourself in such a dilemma you seriously need to go through these points asap.

P.S. – First make sure he’s perfectly single!


  • Move from ‘Do as you wish’ to ‘You should do this’!

How to move from "friend zone" to "love zone""


Friends may not bother much about the things happening to you but special ones do care about the choices you make in your life. If you feel like he’s doing something exactly the way it’s not supposed to be…just go tell him. Correct him if you feel the need to and confidently let him know about your opinions. But don’t force your ideas upon him… after all, it’s his life and you’re still his *just friend*. Keep that in mind!


  • Try to be a part of his life…. as much as you can!


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Be it his weekend plans or life-changing decisions…. try to be involved in everything that’s somehow related to him. We’re not asking you to get stuck with him 24/7 but letting him feel your presence every now and then would surely make a difference!


  • Lend your shoulders when he needs to cry on one!


Who said men don’t cry..?? Trust me they do. Your guy may not display his emotions as much as you do but he does need a bit of pampering on several occasions. Be it a hard day at work or some disturbing family issues…. console him and let him know that you’re always there. It’d not only help him brush aside his worries but would also rank you higher on his ‘special ones’ chart. But don’t fake your concern just to win the game. You *should* mean what you do!


  • Be a little ‘touchy touchy’ but don’t act creepy!


Touch need not invite intimate moments only. Instead, it’s meant to strengthen the connection between you two. Let your hand brush against his sometimes or gently tap on his shoulders now and then. But better not forget to stay in your limits to save yourself from looking too desperate!


  •   Be his confidante ……


Once he trusts you enough to feel comfortable in sharing even his deepest & darkest secrets with you…. it means things are heading towards the next step. All you need to do is swear to God to not reveal his confidential facts come what may!


  • Find things that only the two of you share!

How to move from "friend zone" to "love zone""

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to give him some sweet memories so that he could cherish them later and simply can’t help thinking of you when you’re not around. Be it a hobby that you two have in common or an activity that both of you enjoy doing together…. just go for it girl!

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