Does movement trigger brain function in children?

How movement triggers brain function in your child?

The growing years of a child are extremely important for his/her development. With great nutrition and movement, scientists claim, children can achieve their fullest potential. To ensure that you child reaps all the benefits derived from movement, you need to be sensitive right from his/her infant time period.  Your child’s brain needs to perceive signals from nerves efficiently in order to grasp language, feelings, vision and other skills.

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), has formulated certain guidelines as to how parents can help in effective body movements of a baby.

  • Parents are suggested to expose children to environments where they can physically interact.
  • Parents should keep in mind that their children need to be in safe settings, such that they can move freely as against being confined to places for a long time.
  • Those responsible for taking care of the child, either parents or caregivers must be aware of how physical activity is beneficial for the child.
  • The larger the muscular activity, the more benefit your baby reaps. Like better growth of muscles and bones, reduced chances of depression and increased learning capabilities.

How can parents help?

For infants upto 12 months:

  • Colorful objects can be hung over cribs which the baby can try and grasp or kick while lying on their back.
  • See that the infant has big toys to play with like squeezy balls or building blocks which will ensure movement of muscles.
  • Attract them to chase toys from a moderate distance.

For toddlers:

  • Other than times when your toddler is sleeping, ensure that he/she is engulfed in some form of physical activity.
  • They should be allowed to move freely on their own so that they take up complex movements when needed.
  • Allow them to engage in catching objects, colouring so that motor skills are trigerred.

So, get your child moving!


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