Is too much of Public Display of Affection (PDA) Okay?

Is too much Public Display of Affection (PDA) Okay?
Even though I grew up in a typical conservative family, I frequently saw couples in my family kissing and hugging at various occasions. Some of them lacked manners to care about not going beyond hugging and kissing while others simply didn’t care. It never really bothered me somehow.

As I joined college, it became normal routine to see couples everywhere in the campus showing love. I could never wrap my head around the fact that guards in our college were instructed to fine them heavily if seen in a compromising position.

One day, as I was travelling in the bus, I saw a teenage couple kissing and an aunty sitting at the back seat murmured, ‘Get a room!’. This resulted in an exchange of derogatory comments from both sides and finally, it cooled down.

While, a little bit kissing and hugging is cute, too much of it can lead to serious consequences. Let’s see why you must not engage in extreme forms of PDA in public:

It can get you in trouble: 

Is too much Public Display of Affection (PDA) Okay?
Let’s face it! We are talking about India that has serious hunger and poverty issues to focus on. Girls are not really safe from harassment in the country but it focuses on having strict measures on PDA.

Even though it is 2016 but we still cannot show public display of affection (PDA) without getting in trouble.As per section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, acts of obscenity in public are illegal. There is no clear explanation of how much PDA is allowed, but if you want to stay out of trouble, you must stay in limits in public.

It’s annoying when it is done on social media: 

It surely looks cute when a couple posts their romantic pictures occasionally, but if a couple indulges in posting too many romantic quotes and pictures, it gets annoying.

I have unfriended many friends from my social media accounts because of their annoying habits of public display of affection (PDA). I kept tolerating until they started posting screenshots of their romantic conversation on a daily basis. This was quite irritating.

Not every parent is comfortable with it:

Every couple raises their child with their own values and not every couple is okay with all forms of PDA. So, we must respect everyone’s beliefs and opinions. If some of the parents are uncomfortable with their kids being exposed to PDAin extreme forms, then we must act civilized and not let our actions become a cause of someone’s distress.


We all have been really silly in our teenage and people generally forgive you for that, but if you are a single lady living in an apartment and your boyfriend kisses you outside your door then unfortunately, it becomes everybody’s business.

Your neighbours will start gossiping about you, and may force you to leave the place as they find your acts unpleasant for their grown up kids.  

It says a lot about your relationship’s nature:

Is too much Public Display of Affection (PDA) Okay?

I remember this couple who used to come to a park near my home and people witnessed their long make out sessions. I understand that they were students and could not really find a place.

Hey folks! If you are doing all this in public then people will draw this conclusion that you are not seriously involved and might be friends with benefits.

It might trigger depression in singles:

I have seen people going through sickening depression after their break ups and sometimes witnessing another couple in love really worsens your depression.

Imagine someone around you feeling suicidal because of their recent breakup and you start making out in front of them. It is surely going to leave them even more depressed and miserable.

You don’t want to end up on the internet:

Yes, it is really that simple. All you need is a smartphone to make a video of someone. So, you understand how vulnerable you are. Imagine kissing your partner in public and someone makes your video and uploads it on the internet. It is highly unethical, but that does not mean people will not do it.

Imagine everyone commenting on the video and leaving comments that might upset you. So, you must avoid extreme forms of PDA in public because we cannot trust everybody.


At the end of the day, couples who are not self-obsessed are more likeable. So, when you are in public, be careful because those who are wise do not attract unnecessary trouble. Be a law abiding citizen!



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