Mummy Essentials On Budget Flights With Kids

Budget flights are best for short trips or for people planning to travel to several destinations without denting their budget. Over the years, budget airlines have proven to be more than price worthy. In the modern-day, they walk the extra mile to ensure their esteemed clients enjoy maximum convenience and utmost comfort. This more so, for expectant travelers, parents travelling with their kids or recently born infants.

For parents, it can be hectic travelling with kids. It demands a lot of preparation; you have to factor in the kid’s travel necessities as well as yours. This means excess baggage and not to forget cumbersome items like car seats, strollers, or a carrier. In the past, you had to find ways to make standard weight for checked baggage on a budget plane to avoid extra fees when checking in. This meant leaving some essential items behind. Today, you do not have to go through the struggle of deciding what to leave behind as you can easily go online and book in your baggage with a luggage delivery service all at an affordable price. Send your suitcases to your destination to ensure your family stays comfortable throughout the trip.   

This article will look at the vital things a mother should never leave behind when taking a flight with children.

Food/ Snacks

When travelling on a plane, most moms would love to carry every type of bites for their children. Their favourite snacks keep them distracted hence a smooth journey. It would be wise to check with the airline the kind of food they allow. This can help you plan on what to pack. Some moms will prepare simple sandwiches, fruits like apples, homemade fries, and some juice. Not all budget flights provide meals, so it would be best to carry a few snacks. 

‘‘Flat’’ Entertainment and Gadgets

‘’Flat’’ entertainment is easy to pack in your carry-on luggage. These include things like papers and a few crayons, stickers, travel games, and coloring books. You can introduce these toys one at a time so that you do not crowd your sitting space. Also, try to avoid bringing toys that could easily get lost, like Lego toys. 

Kids get bored quickly. You can download some of their favorite cartoons, movies, or child-friendly apps on your tab or phone. These items will keep them preoccupied for some time and reduce their anxiety when travelling. Remember to carry headphones so that the noise does not disturb other people.

Layering Clothes

Layering clothes come in handy to keep a child warm and cosy. Ensure you bring clothes you can easily remove or add. Clothes that layer well are cotton shirts, wool sweaters, and warm leggings. In case the plane is cold, you can add such clothing, and if it gets warm, it is easy to remove them. In case you are travelling to a rainy region, you can carry a light waterproof jacket that you can easily pack and unpack when the need arises.

Carry Milk and Formula

If you are travelling with a nursing child, it would be best to bring along some packed milk and formula to last through the flight. Ensure to pack the milk and formula separately preferably as part of your hand luggage. Alternatively, budget airlines allow mothers to breast-feed their infants. You can pack a light blankie to do so comfortably. 

Baby Seat

Most flights do not charge children aged two years and below. Some moms might prefer to carry the child on their lap, but this is not recommended because your comfort also matters. Baby seats are instrumental as they help keep the baby comfortable during turbulence or a hard landing.

Using the baby seat, you can buckle up the baby and ensure they are safe. The best thing to do is purchase a seat in the flight if you do not desire to carry the baby through the entire journey.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes or baby wipes are essential for moms travelling with their kids. You can use wet wipes to wipe your kid’s hands before and after eating. For kids who tend to be messy eaters, you can wipe their face with the wipes. Additionally, kids touch many surfaces, including the tray table where they use to eat. It is good always to wipe the tray table with a disinfectant to kill germs on the surface. Baby wipes also come in handy when changing your child. 

Diaper/ Carry-on Bag

Carrying a diaper bag is obvious, but at times, moms leave behind something essential in the rush of packing. Depending on the duration of your flight, take diapers for each hour and maybe an extra two. If you have a small foldable changing station, be sure to pack it as well. You cannot rely on the bathroom changing stations. Also, pack a disposable bag for used diapers; there is no other place to dispose of them. A hand sanitizer is a must-carry. You can pack a small bottle to use after changing the baby’s diaper.

These are the basic items every mummy needs to keep their sanity when travelling. Use a checklist when packing to ascertain nothing is left behind.