Music, pregnant women and babies

Music, pregnant women and babies


When women are pregnant, they have been known to look for anything and everything to make sure that their baby is perfect. Even if it is having special fruits, special diets, praying to god or visiting the temple. Another important aspect of this is that, the baby even when in the mother’s womb can hear everything outside according to studies. So, what will your baby end up listening to? Metallica or Mohammad Rafi?


Here is a list of music which has been known to improve the babies hearing and overall development.


  • Classical Music  – These are all also easily available online.


Indian classical music is also known to be soothing. There is a particular variety of Indian classical music for the baby called Garbha Sanskar. This is a combination of pregnancy shlokas for the baby, along with some ragas which set a very calming atmosphere for the mother and the baby.

Exposing your baby to classical music is supposed to make the baby much more active and smarter. The classic music has been known to help in the development of the baby as well. Babies can remember this music once they are born too. Classical music such as Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi are all available on you tube for you to try out. Generally, one’s music tastes have been known to change during pregnancy. So even if you don’t like classical music now, don’t be surprised if you swear by it during your pregnancy.


  • Jazz  


Some babies have known to respond to Jazz. Jazz is a better alternative to classical music as, it can be more entertaining for the mother as well. Attend Jazz festivals which happen quite often in major cities, this will make a nice outing for the new family as well. Popular Jazz artists you can try would be Sade, Miles Davis, and Sarah Vaughan. You can pick and choose your own favorite artists when you get used to the genre.


  • Pop  


Some babies have been known to respond to pop music, with beats. This is a very common thing. Although, there has been no study as to whether pop music helps with the baby’s development, the music will definitely keep your baby active and kicking.


  • Daddy sings


Overall, music is good for the baby. Whether it is Classical, Jazz, Pop or even Rock. The beats of the music soothe the baby and that is essential for the baby to grow. It is important though to mention that music must not be heard loudly. The music must be heard at a decent volume because, loud music can actually disturb the baby and increase the heart rate of the mother, which is not good.

Well father’s sounds because, from my experience you can’t really call “Music” what most most fathers sing. But it doesn’t matter here though because the purpose of making the father sing to the baby is entirely different. The baby needs to feel a connection with the father as well. Thus, if the baby listens to his/her father’s voice singing in a soothing voice, that can help the baby connect with the father.





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