Nail care – all about nails, care and manicure

Strong nails and silky smooth hands … it is not necessary a dream but could be reality With a few simple tricks your fingernails will be a perfect example of femininity!

Beauty tips for your nails
There are a few essential beauty rituals to give fingernails the perfect look!
– Remove any nail polish with a nail polish remover that is without acetone.
– Rinse your hands thoroughly afterwards so the nail polish remover is not too long in touch with your hands – this would dry them out.
– Bathe your hands a few minutes in lukewarm soapy water.
– Remove the dead skin of the nail edges.
– As soon as your hands are dry again treat them with a nurturing therapeutic bath of lukewarm olive oil in order to strengthen the keratin of the nails.
– Polish your nails. Polishing does not only even little grooves but also gives your nails a healthy clarity.
– When you file your nails make sure you go from the sides to the middle and always in the same direction so there is no risk to split the nails. Avoid metal nail files, they make the nails brittle!
– Apply a moisturizer and massage your fingers and nails.
– If you use a colored nail polish, you should first apply a protective base polish so you do not discolor your nails.

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Solid and resistant nails
In order to show off with your hands you must regularly protect, strengthen and care for them!

– Protect
There are special products to protect nails:
> For soft nails, there are strengthening and hardening products;
> For brittle nails it makes sense to use a nail hardener;
> For dry nails you should apply a nourishing nail polish.

– Strengthen
If you have brittle or sensitive nails, you should avoid having long nails. Cut your nails short and straight. Massage your hands every night with a special hand & nail cream or with some olive oil to avoid that your nails split. Be aware that a nutritional deficiency can affect the health of your nails. To prevent such deficiencies make sure you eat well, seafood or fish is good as well as soy products.

– Care
For healthy nails and cuticles regular care is necessary. This fine skin is very relevant as it protects the nail root and can easily break. Do not cut the cuticles away, but rather put a nail cream on it and then try to gently press the skin back with a cotton swab.

The matching nail polish
The last stage of nail care is of course the nail polish. You use it to either treat your nails for purely aesthetic reasons or to help with another problem.
Nail polish can help to harden nails or also to seal brittle nails. Commercial nail polish products are available that harden the keratin and thus help avoid the nails to split.

Practical Tips
– Stop chewing your fingernails! Nail polish with an unpleasant and bitter taste could help you!
– Wash your hands with cold water.
– Refrain from cutting your nails – it is better to file!
– Limit the use of a quick-drying nail polish as it makes the nails become brittle easier.
– Always put on a base polish before you apply coloured nail polish

In your daily life …
– When working in the kitchen or in the garden – always wear gloves
– Use a hand cream which simultaneously protects your nails

Nail care – all about nails, care and manicure, by Reynu