The It-nail: Polishing fingernails, the new thing

They are metallic green, or covered with stickers or they glitter mysteriously or they are in candy pink – the colors of fingernails have a very large variety. The It-bag? This is a must-have from yesterday. Now there is the It-nail – it is THE new thing, polishing fingernails is the new thing.



1932 brothers Charles and Joseph Revson – founders of the cosmetics company Revlon – launched their first nail polish after it was found out that long lasting colors can also be used for nails. It was kind of a coincidence as the original goal was to find a long-lasting car color.

It was Uma Thurman who actually started a nail polish craze for the first time. After she wore – in 1994 in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” – Chanel’s “Rouge Noir” (black and red nail polish) it was so popular that the color was sold out in a few weeks. This special nail polish was a cult and is today the world’s most famous nail color.

For years, the standard color was on nails was red. One man changed this: Karl Lagerfeld, who is now 81 years old. When the French fashion house Chanel presented his new collection in spring 2009 at Paris Fashion Week, the fashion guru adorned his models with jade green necklaces, rings and buttons – their nails were painted in the same color.


The responses to that jade green developed by Chanel makeup-mastermind Peter Philips was euphoric: the “London Times” spoke of a “cosmetic” phenomenon, fashion magazines and blogs celebrated the new nail polish the same way they would celebrate an avant-garde shoe model.

Therefore that new nail polish was finally produced and sold to the markets – it was sold out two days after the launch. It is still traded today and who really wants that jade green nail polish can buy it on Ebay for up to USD200.

Disproportionately expensive is the new nail polish of Christian Louboutin, the God of Shoes. The small bottles of “Starlight Edition” are decorated with 1500 rhinestones and limited to 1000 copies. One little bottle costs about USD750. This is rather a cosmetic product for the woman who has everything – especially money.


A few weeks ago, the shoe designer launched the “Loubi Under Red”, a polish for the other side of the nail. For USD50 per bottle the nail looks the same as the sole of the Designer-Pumps – Louboutin’s trademark – red color at the bottom.

In an interview with the US “Vogue” the designer recently said about the relationship between fingernails and shoes: “I’ve always loved colors and everything actually started with the red soles. (…) If you’re staging shoes, perfect nails are almost as important.



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