Nail shapes – choose the best for yourself

Nail shapes - choose the best for you

You can arrive at a variety of nail shapes during a manicure. The kind of shape that is suited for your nails depends on a few crucial factors. The shape and size of the nail beds in your fingers, the lunula or the half-moon pattern close to your cuticles, the current length of your nails, and the strength of your fingernails would determine the kind of nail shapes that are most suited to your nails.

There are several different nail shapes that you can choose from. Here is a list of the most popular shapes that woman choose for their nails.


The Oval Nail Shape

Women with a curved lunula can go for this nail shape. But they also look nice on women who have wide or narrow nail beds. This is a very attractive shape that makes the woman’s hands look truly elegant. This shape is achieved by starting off with filing the side walls as in the round nail shape. The nail tips are then filed into a rounded oval. You need to ensure that the sides are angled slightly before they become oval towards the tips.

Almond shape or pointed nails

Nail shapes - choose the best for you

Many celebrities wear this shape as it makes the fingers look sleek and slender. This shape is mostly used for acrylic nails or for nail art designs. This shape can also make short fingers look longer. You can wear this style for special occasions and parties. However, you would not want to use this shape on a daily basis.

The Round Nail Shape

This shape is most suited for women who prefer to keep their nails short. It is sometimes also preferred by men. You can arrive at a round nail shape by filing the sides of the walls almost parallel to each other first. Then you can round out the edges to get a smooth curve over the tip of the nails. Women with wide nails can adopt this shape to make their nails look narrower.

The Square-oval or Squoval

Nail shapes - choose the best for you

As the name suggests, this shape is characterized by the elegance of the oval as well as the strength of the square. This is a very popular shape among most women. If you have a flat lunula and a wide nail bed, then you can go in for the square oval shape. You can arrive at this shape by filing the side walls parallel to each other and then filing the edges into a round or bevel shape.

As mentioned above, each shape suits a certain type of fingernail. You need to first determine the type of fingernails you possess and then choose the nail shape that is most suited for your nails.


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