Name initials decode personality traits

name initials decode personality traits

What does your name initial say about you?

Name initials play an important role in determining your personality. Every letter has a numerical value and every number has its energies, vibrations, and setbacks. Let’s explore some first name personality traits.

  • Qualities of a person whose name starts with A, O, S

People whose name begin with the letters A, O or S are the most powerful individuals. They are the driving force of the world. They either lead the show or without them the show is impossible. They are confident beings capable of running the world. On the negative side, they can be judgmental and critical of others.

These bold and courageous people make good researchers, teachers, actors. and leaders.

  • B, T

People who have their name starting with the letter B or T believe in peace and harmony. They are organized and they have dual nature since the letters resonate with the number 2. They always know what the other person is thinking and their meditation abilities makes them handle a situation very calmly. However, at times, they can be selfish and greedy.

  • C, U, L

People who have their name starting with the alphabet C, U or L are creative, communicative and courageous. They are optimistic individuals who attract others quite easily. They are social individuals with a genuine enthusiasm in life, except, they can be cruel and heartless at times.

  • D, M, V

People who have their name starting with the letter D, M or V are often successful in their lives. They work with harmony and balance. They are hard working individuals associated with business and wealth. Stubbornness is a negative quality in them.

  • E, N

Imagination is very high in those whose first name begins with the letter E or N.They are versatile in nature. They think quickly and have the ability to solve complex problems. Their risk taking characteristic brings excitement in their lives. They are flexible but can also be unreliable.

  • F, W

Honest, kind and generous, those people having the first initial of their name as F or W are compassionate. They are romantic and they truly care for others. They are animal lovers. They love children, peace and harmony. Self-pity is a negative trait in them.

  • Characteristics of the person whose name starts with G, P, X

People who have their name starting with the letters G, P or X chose to be loners. They shut themselves to make you feel they are not listening while in reality, they are great observers.Yes, they are intelligent and they make good judgement. They are very good at finding out the truth. These insightful beings do not heed to the advice of others.

  • H, Q, Y

People who have their name starting with the alphabet H, Q or Y are practical in nature. They  can create and maintain wealth for themselves. They always see the bigger picture in life. They have a goal in life and they can be very good leaders. However, they are often driven by greed.

  • I, R, Z

People who have their name starting with the letter I, R or Z are social servers. They fight for justice and can do anything to for those less fortunate than them. They make sacrifices and they believe in law and order. They are humane and peace makers. They are deep thinkers, affectionate and great lovers. Being moody is a negative trait in them.

  • J

J’s are headstrong in nature. They have solution to every problem. They like to lead. They are very convincing, punctual and hard working. They are ambitious, courageous and fine actors. However, they are truthful but can lack direction in life.  They are also lazy.

  • K

Helpers of the world, people who have their name starting with the letter K are co-operative in nature. They love to function in a group. Their letter resonates with the number 2 which means they must look for peace in life. They go to the extremes to achieve something and they are dissatisfied in life.