Nasal Surgery Options for Treating Sinusitis

Whether you are struggling with sinus problems, you have options as you consider the best route to take in order to get positive results. Your plastic surgeon can choose to go the route of standard care or you may benefit from stereotactic navigation. Both approaches will get you to the same place, but your recovery time can vary. You’ll also find that what is involved in your procedure, as well as the end results could be different when you choose one form of surgery over the other. Know your options before you actually make your final decision. You play a key role in deciding how your nasal problems will be addressed. However, your surgeon will also make recommendations to help you to decide what is best for you.

Standard Care for Nasal Surgery

Traditional sinus surgery is the most common approach to address a variety of issues affecting your nasal passages, from a deviated septum that is crooked and makes it difficult for you to breathe clearly to polyps or enlarged turbinates. These structures are a part of the interior of your nose. They’re behind the scenes. Everything may look great on the outside, but if these internal structures in your nose are too large, they can obstruct your airway. Snoring or sleep apnea may result. Problems with the internal structures in your nose can be corrected through surgical means. If you have severe allergies that affect your nasal passages or you suffer from chronic sinus infections, your nasal passages may become swollen to the point that you can’t breathe well. Standard care, otherwise known as traditional surgery, can address these issues with your nasal passages. If standard care is performed, you can expect general anesthesia. It will involve more extensive incisions that may focus on the sinuses behind your nose, near the bridge of your nose, or behind your cheekbones.

 The main focus may be the turbinates and your septum. Because more extensive work is being performed that involves the removal of tissue and bone, you can expect a longer period to heal. Packing is needed after this procedure and can be uncomfortable. You are likely to be more uncomfortable after this procedure.

How Does Stereotactic Navigation Compare for Sinus Surgery?

 Stereotactic navigation is an advanced form of surgery that has evolved in recent years. It is much less invasive than traditional sinus surgery. It uses a computerized coordinate system that is three-dimensional. It is extremely precise. Think of it like a GPS for your surgeon. You can expect fewer incisions as the system directs your surgeon to pinpoint the exact location.

 Extremely delicate tools are used in order to address any issues involved with your sinus health. This procedure can be combined with endoscopic surgery. Balloon surgery can also be performed with guidance from stereotactic navigation. Balloon sinus dilation involves having a balloon inserted into the sinus cavities through the use of endoscopic procedures. The balloon is inflated in the same way that angioplasty is performed with patients with blocked arteries in the heart. As the balloon opens, it will widen the passages without any need for incisions. If stereotactic navigation will work for you, it will make the healing process easier. Stereotactic navigation is beneficial for polyp removal, balloon sinus dilation, and may be helpful when there is a need for revision rhinoplasty. If you have been advised that you need sinus surgery, ask your surgeon about the benefits of this innovative approach.

 Choosing the Best Path to Take for You

 In the end, your sinus surgery is personal. You will need a thorough evaluation from your plastic surgeon to get to the root of your problems, determine what needs to be done to correct any issues you have with the internal structures of your nose, and consider your options. You will need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of procedure. If you need to have bone or tissue removed in order to address your sinus issues, your surgeon is most likely going to choose standard care. If you are looking at swollen nasal passages due to chronic sinus infections or severe allergies, you are more likely to be a good candidate for stereotactic navigation. You may also benefit from this revolutionary technology if you have polyps that need to be removed without affecting the internal structure of your nose otherwise.

Nasal Surgery Options for Treating SinusitisWhat to Expect with Either Type of Procedure

 Any type of surgery involving your nasal passages is going to involve some healing time. If any incisions are made or any tissue and bone removal occurs, expect swelling. If you have balloon sinus rhinoplasty guided with stereotactic navigation, you won’t need general anesthesia. You can get back to your normal activities quickly and feel the relief that comes with open nasal passages. The more involved your procedure, the more lengthy your recovery period.

 The Main Goal is to Improve Your Sinus Passages

 Regardless of which approach your plastic surgeon takes with your sinus surgery, the end goal will be to help you to breathe freely. For anyone who lives with blocked nasal passages on a regular basis, you know how frustrating it can be. You may feel pressure and suffer from headaches caused by your swollen or blocked sinuses. Your plastic surgeon will help you to find relief.

Turn to the Hudson Valley Sinus Center to Find Answers

 When you visit the Hudson Valley Sinus Center, you can learn more about standard care for your sinuses as compared to stereotactic navigation. Explore all of your options for sinus treatments. Find out why Dr. Ran Y. Rubinstein is a name you can trust when dealing with delicate sinus problems. With more than fifteen years focusing on sinus issues, you will have peace of mind when you place yourself in his capable hands. Dr. Rubinstein will discuss your medical history and any previous procedures before determining a plan of action for you.


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