Natural Cosmetics and Beauty Products by Dega Organics

In a world where almost everything is ready made and artificial, natural beauty and skin care products are in demand. With the pollution and dust we are surrounded by everyday artificial products doesn’t cut it anymore. Our search for organic products landed at “Deyga” a made in India natural and organic skincare and beauty products brand born out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

What is Deyga?

Founded by Arthi Raguram, it focuses on providing organic care for body (the word “Deyga” which roughly is a Tamil word “Deygam” that translates to ‘body’). The six pillars or factors that they believe in are Cruelty free, 100% pure, Safe for skin, handcrafted, sustainable and most importantly traditional recipes.

They provide a wide range of products from lip balm to under eye cream, bath bar to shampoo bar, baby care to beard care and so more.

Here we recommend you some of their best selling products out there:

Deyga’s Rose & Mulethi Skin Brightening pack: 

Rs: 490

As name suggests it is made from rose and mulethi (liquorice) and comes in eco-friendly packing. Made from natural ingredients such as roses, mulethi, oatmeal and skin essential oils. As this is a face pack it comes in a powdered form which to be mixed with water or milk before applying.

Mulethi is being used for skin care since ages and the use of oatmeal, which by the way most of the natural products are using nowadays this works as a mild scrub.

How to use:

  1. Mix it with rosewater or milk or
  2. Apply generously on your face and neck
  3. Wait for the pack to dry out
  4. Rinse it with water while massaging

Deyga’s Beautifying Serum:

Rs: 730

While applying this to face you can feel that this is 100% natural, the way it smells like natural oils is the best thing I found about this product. It is lightweight and non-greasy serum with antioxidants and antibacterial benefits for skin. This kicked out few products out of my PM skin routine, I just apply few drops of it on my skin by patting and leave it overnight.

It consists of Grapeseed oil, Bitter almond oil, Khus Khus, Moringa (Drumstick) oil, kukui oil and Baobab. Kukui oil is smoothes and softens skin, this is also used for wound healing so you can understand how beneficial this will be for your skin.

How to use:

  1. Take a few drops
  2. Pat it and spread it evenly on your skin

Leave it overnight on your skin for better results as it repairs skin pigmentation and relieves dark circles. Remember not to massage it on your skin, just pat and spread it evenly.

Overall, I feel that the products of Deyga are absolutely pure, handmade and natural which differs them from artificial creams and scrubs which contains harmful chemicals. Considering the price they are not heavy on your pockets as they provide quality and are definitely worth a try!

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