Natural remedies for your beauty care

Natural remedies for your beauty care

As millions of dollars are wasted on women’s beauty with almost no result, it is better to try natural remedies. Yes, the same old remedies that our ancestors had used in the past because in their time there were no L’Oreal, Avon and Revlon products. Home made remedies are widely used in homes in sub-continent India because people can’t afford expensive brands. If you have tried plenty of products and wasted thousands of rupees, here is the chance to get your skin adored. With a few simple natural remedies you can look beautiful and adorable without breaking your bank.

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Here are some of the tips:

Use Mint Leaves for Dark Circles

It is probably due to dehydration or lack of sleep. These words are very common and mostly found on the internet. Applying face wash or mask of so and so brand will help prevent you from these dark circles. You may have gone through many of these articles but now it’s time for you to go natural. Take mint leaves and mash it. Apply the mashed mint leaves on dark circles and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Hurrah! Your dark circles are vanished, if not, apply two to three times every day. You will definitely see positive results.

Fight big pores

Pores are probably giving your face an ugly look. These pores get bigger by time if not treated properly. However, with a simple home remedy you can shrink large openings and get back your old beauty. Instead of using facial, take egg’s white and mix it with corn starch until it gets smooth and frothy. Apply it on your openings and after 20 minutes wash away with warm water after it dries up. This will surely help you in shrinking large openings on your skin.

Prepare Scrub at Home

After a week or two, you might need a scrub to look fresh and charming each day. However, it gets a little tight on your budget. What you need to do is take olive oil and few tablespoon of sugar mixed together until it gets consistent. Apply it on your face, lips, elbows and feet. You will feel the change after applying it for few days without any break. This mixture will help develop cells that are dead and rejuvenate skin making it brighter and shiny as ever before.

Get Rid of Dry Skin

As the winter begins, your skin becomes dry, flaky itchy, irritating and dull. You must be applying lotions and creams to get rid of dry skin. Get the mixture of coconut, sweet almond and jojoba to end dry and flaky skin. Add all three oils in a small bottle along with vitamin E that will help fight your skin from getting wrinkled. Apply the mixture on your body after sharing it well. You will feel soft after applying this mixture.

Surely these tips and home remedies will help you in getting young and charming look face without over-spending.

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