Migraine: Natural remedies to cure your pain

Migraine causes throbbing pain at one side of forehead along with lot more irritating symptoms that can make us completely down.

Natural remedies for migraine

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Surprisingly some triggers are identified as probable reasons for inducing migraine, but nothing is clinically proven as a precise treatment for this pulsing sensation. Migraine pain can be extremely severe and may last for long hours even for days. It is often observed that stress and tension initiates the spell of migraine.

Some medicines are found for treatment of migraine but these are of painkiller category, not any permanent solution. But natural remedies for migraine pain are found quite effective in controlling the recurrence of this intense headache issue. In fact, doctor’s intervention, self-help remedies, and life style change can bring significant relief from pain and irritation of migraine. A few age old and reliable home remedies for migraine are suggested here.


Try apple cider vinegar

Natural remedies for migraine

Apple cider vinegar is found a reliable solution for recurring migraine problem. You need to take apple cider vinegar with water in 1:3 ratios along with one tablespoon honey. This is a simple and inexpensive remedy; however, it works with positive benefit of migraine control.

You need to continue the apple cider migraine remedy every day, however, at the time of pain you can take this apple cider and honey mix for 3-5 times for faster relief.


Try applying Ice pack on neck and forehead

Natural remedies for migraine

It is a handy and simple remedy; it is a reliable migraine natural treatment too. Simply fill an ice bag with ice cubes and apply the bag on the paining forehead and neck region. Try to stay is a dark comfortable place in relaxing mind. You will get good result. Don’t have an ice bag ready? Wrap the ice cubes in a small towel and apply the cold compress gently on the paining spots.

However, do not try the remedy if you have recurring problem of sinusitis.  The ice remedy may trigger the sinus issue.


Try herbal tea

Natural remedies for migraine

Herbal tea varieties are enriched with antioxidants that help in managing free radicals in body. It is assumed by doctors that free radical can be one of the triggers of migraine. Although these herbal tea remedies cannot work instantly, but users have claimed that regular and moderate consumption of chamomile, peppermint, lemon, or ginger tea can offer excellent therapeutic effect in migraine cure.

If you are a chronic patient of migraine, try slow sipping of herbal teas. It is a not a sure shot fix, but regular practice of this easy remedy will reduce the frequency of migraine problem for sure.


Cayenne pepper remedy will cure the migraine pain

Natural remedies for migraine

Cayenne Pepper remedy is one of the sure-shot natural remedies of migraine. This home remedy improves blood circulation and as it contains capsaicin, a natural painkiller, the remedy works as a quickie for controlling the intensity of migraine. You need to mix one teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a cup of lukewarm water. Optionally, you can mix lemon juice and honey to add some extra layer of taste. Sip the mix slowly at least for 2-3 times per day to reduce the intensity of pain and other migraine related complications like vomiting, dizziness, etc.

These are some of the natural remedies for migraine, which are easy to implement and safe in terms of side effect. However, you may consult your doctor before you try them for migraine cure.



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