Natural sleep boosters for insomnia

Natural sleep boosters for insomnia

We all know that sound sleep is a very essential part of human life. It deeply heals and revitalizes both mind and soul. Sleep plays a very crucial role in one’s physical health as it is directly associated with the repair of blood vessels in our body.

In the present scenario, as many as 20-30% of adults at various times in their lives experience Insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder when a person is unable to get enough restful and healthful sleep each night. Here are some of the effective ways which can help you do away with Insomnia.

Wild lettuce

Wild lettuce is a very popular natural remedy for headaches, anxiety, muscle and joint pain. It is also very effective in having a calm and composed sleep at night as it puts the anxious nerves to the state of rest and helps you attain proper sleep. One should use wild lettuce supplement and take 30-120 milligrams before going to bed.


Those who love beer maybe familiar with this female flower already. Hops are a flower used in the production of beer. It is also known for its useful effects on the cure for sleep deprivation. It is widely used as a mild sedative for insomnia and anxiety. Taking 30-120 milligrams before going to bed can be of great help.

Green tea

Natural sleep boosters for insomnia

The amino acids present in green tea helps maintain calm and alertness during the day. Not many of us know that the same amino acids are great to go into a deep sound sleep during the night. Having a cup of green tea before going to bed is heavily recommended.

Lavender therapy

Also known as ‘Aroma Cure’, lavender is a very effective method used by doctors across the world. Studies have proven that Lavender aids in sleep. It is affordable, non- toxic and does the trick. Buy a spray with pure lavender and sprinkle it on the pillow before bedtime.


You must be known to this one as it is a very common sleep remedy. Valerian helps improve the overall quality of sleep. It helps you foster a habit of deep sleep and prevents from witnessing continuous sleep breaks that an insomniac probably could be facing on a daily basis. Studies have also found that Valerian users evidently feel energized and are able to sleep propery. Taking 200-800 milligrams before bed is recommended.

Yoga and meditation

Natural sleep boosters for insomnia

This ancient form of exercising doesn’t need an introduction to announce its extensive benefits in maintaining a sound healthy life. Trying yoga stretches followed by meditation before going for sleep can help combat insomnia. It will also relieve all the stress, joint pains and cause a sedating effect on your body which will help you gain a restful sleep.


If you too are sleep deprived or face difficulty in falling asleep easily, then instead of spending abundant money on pills and tablets, try these natural sleep boosters. These natural sleep boosters are proven remedies for sleep deprived people to get back on track and foster a routine of healthful sleep.

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