Natural solutions to grey hair

Natural solutions to grey hair

Summers are here and the weather has got increasingly heated up. In such scorching weather, colouring your hair can probably turn into an option you may regret later. Chemical dyes can have a damaging effect on your hair in the summers. Despite this, if you still want to colour your hair, then here are some natural options. These natural options to colour your grey hair will cause you way less damage than what it would cause you otherwise. Since it is purely natural, these herbal pastes and oil massages will not darken your hair like a chemical mix but will colour your hair and most importantly, keep your hair hale and hearty.


  • Henna paste

    Natural solutions to grey hair

You must be familiar with the ever famous henna paste. Make a paste of henna, apply it over your hair and keep it for two whole hours. Rinse it. After a couple of hours, mix 100g of auri (indigo) powder along with warm water and make a paste. Apply this paste over the hair and keep it for 45mins-1hour. Rinse it afterwards. Apply this paste once a week to get good results.


  • Homemade oil

    Natural solutions to grey hair

Homemade oils are nothing less than a blessing. Take 50ml of coconut oil, 50ml gingelly oil and heat it on a low flame. In another pan or a kadhai, spurt 10gm mustard, 20gm curry leaves (kadipatta), 20 gm dry amla and 20 henna leaves. Sauté all these ingredients until they dry. Now, add the oil that you heated into this mixtureand keep it on the flame for next ten minutes. Bottle up this mixture and keep it under direct sunlight for the next 4-5 days. Once the oil is ready, apply it every day and you will be surprised with the results.


  • Hair pack

    Natural solutions to grey hair

You can make your own hair darkening pack. Isn’t that great? What you have to do is, mix 50gm of henna leaves, 20ml Aloe Vera gel, 5gm of kadukkai skin and 20gm fresh seedless amla. The next step is to grind all of the above and then add two teaspoon lemon juice. Your pack is ready to get applied. Apply this pack on your hair but don’t forget to apply 10ml of olive oil prior to this. Just 20 minutes of leaving this pack on your hair, rinse it and attain a reddish-brown tint to your hair.


  • Olive oil massage

    Natural solutions to grey hair

Olive oil is one of the best oil on the planet with incredible health benefits. If you have grey hair, olive oil is a great solution as it works as an excellent hair darkener. Warm around 20ml of olive oil (take olive oil depending on your hair length) and apply it on your scalp and gently massage for 10 minutes. Leave it on for one hour. Wash with homemade shikakai. Massage with olive oil twice a week.


  • Henna- amla paste

    Natural solutions to grey hair

To make this paste you will require a long list of items which can be a tiresome task but not to forget the result will be stunning hair. You need to take 200gm of henna powder, 25gm of Amla powder, 10gm of haritaki powder, 10gm of tulsi powder, tea decoction 100ml, 2ml of eucalyptus oil , 100ml curd, 10 drops of lemon juice and 2tsp olive oil. Mix all these in a vessel and keep it overnight. Next day, apply this and leave it for two hours and afterwards, rinse it. While washing, do not apply shampoo. This will give a beautiful maroon tint to your hair and will prevent your hair from greying.


Try these natural remedies instead of quickly opting for the chemical hair dyes. It might take a little time to make the pastes or get the oil ready but it is important to understand that natural is the best and prevents you from any damages and harmful after effects.



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