Natural upset stomach remedies

True that stomach is the root cause of all diseases. Because whatever we eat tremendously effect our body and the overall health. Stomach filled with gas was once considered to be linked to aged people but now even children are facing this problem. In my opinion, this is all because of junk food, cold drinks and energy beverages.
Telltale Symptoms of Stomach Gas:
• Heartburn
• Bad breath
• Lack of appetite
• Coated tongue
• Abdominal bloating
• Belching
• Stomach pain
Let’s get Rid of Gastric Trouble with Home Remedies:
If you are in search of ways to sooth your abdomen from excessive gas then you need to go naturally. Use following remedies created from natural ingredients and get relief from gastric issue because Dabur Hajmola or ENO isn’t always the solution.
1. Grate small slice of ginger. Put it in already boiled water for about 5 minutes. Remove the ginger and now sip the water.
2. Cardamom is commonly used spice in India. You can add it in tea, or boil one or two in water and even you can chew it. Results will be the same but tea is the better option for winters. It will decrease the likelihood of stomach gas and helps in food digestion.
3. Cinnamon powder can be used in boiling water; it will make a sort of tea. Also, you can add 1.5 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder and some honey in slightly hot milk. Mix it well before drinking
4. Grate some garlic and boil it in water. Add some cumin seeds and black pepper in small quantity into the boiling water. Strain it after for 2-3 minutes and leave to cool under room temperature. Make fresh daily and drink at least two times a day. You would love the results in just few days.
5. Use peppermint as tea bags or add 4-5 fresh leaves in boiling water. Strain and drink when it is still little hot for optimal outcome of reduced bloating and gas accumulation in abdominal.
6. Eat fresh papaya or you can also use it in the tea form. Usually every grocery store contains tea made from papaya leaves. You can purchase its tea bags. Drink at least one cup a day and you will feel a great relief.
Gas production is a natural process involved in our digestive process but certainly everyone avoids to release in front of others. Problematic gas is not a laughing matter but serious health issue to be addressed beforehand. Treat this problem with simple, easy and natural ways.
Tips to Dodge Gas Problem:
Avoid excessive drinking especially cokes and energy drinks but prefer natural water
• Chew your food well and thoroughly
• Minimize the use of spices in your food.
• Avoid to eat gas-forming food (chickpeas, black-eye peas etc)
• Sleep early and rise early; add exercise in your morning routine.

If your diet is right then it might be a digestive disorder and gas accumulation is symptom to it. Consult your doctor if the condition prolongs but do not delay as it could be fatal.

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