Natural Ways to stop bleeding


In this article we will discuss some natural ways to stop bleeding. It is not shocking that someone can be easily hurt while working in the kitchen or garden. In these situations we do not usually rush to the hospital we rather search for some balm in our safety kit. But if ever you do not have the emergency kit at home, you may try the several remedies mentioned below.

Use toothpaste

Toothpaste will help to stop the bleeding by constricting the small blood vessels preventing flow of blood and will close the cut faster.

Cayenne Pepper

This will help the wound to heal faster as pepper will help blood to clot.


If ever you grow this beautiful flower in your gander make use of it. The leaves have an astringent styptic which makes the wound close faster.

Botanical herbs

Start planting some botanical plants in your garden. It will be very useful if ever you experience a cut. Botanical herbs contain styptics which act as astringents. Thus causes the blood flow to reduce and slows down bleeding. The herbs are also antiseptic and disinfectant which helps in healing. You need to regularly change the dressing with a clean bandage to prevent infection.


Poultice is made by mixing fresh and dried herbs with water. The technique is to put the paste between layers of clean cloth before applying it on the cut.

The simple way

Last but not the least, the simplest way is to put under water if ever you do not have any of those remedies mentioned above. Let water enter the cut, then with a clean cloth dry it. Apply some cream or Vaseline and bandage it.

 Niharika Essoo

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