Never chase a man: Here’s why!

Never chase a man. Here’s why!

I would start by writing one of my favourite lines ‘Never chase a man.. because a real gentleman would not make you run in heels.’ Now if a man really wants you, he will pursue you, you don’t have to go after him. Everything depends on one’s desire. If I love something, I will want to have it at all costs. But if I love someone and that someone isn’t interested in loving me, I won’t give a damn!

Never chase a man because you are overlooking tonnes of other opportunities and several other men who are out there chasing you. Because, ultimately you are wasting your time and energy, not to mention self-respect.

I can give you hundreds of reasons why you must not chase him but for now, let’s settle on a few.

Why you should never chase him?

Never chase a man. Here’s why!

  • You will get him, but you won’t have him

You might have heard of this line, ‘physically present but mentally absent.’ My math teacher told me that every day because I barely paid attention. Same goes with men. By chance, you get him, you talk to him and hang out, but he won’t really be spending time with you. His body will be with you but his heart, his fragile heart will be somewhere else.

  • He is not the one

Never chase a man. Here’s why!


Sometimes you get not what you want but what you deserve. So maybe if he is dodging you around, toying with you, he is not the one meant for you. You deserve something much much better than him. A real man will not make you run after him. He will pull a chair, make you sit and explain to you that you are not the one he wants. So stop chasing him and put your efforts into something productive.

  • It will drive you mad

Never chase a man. Here’s why!

Chasing a man will cause serious mental injuries. You will think about him everyday, how muscular he is, how gorgeously he smiles and the way he walks, you will stalk him on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will become paranoid, and you will imagine the worst and stress yourself for apparently no particular reason.

  • You’re being humiliated

Never chase a man. Here’s why!


When you are obsessed with a guy, you lose your mind. You don’t care what people think and concentrate on one thing – HIM. All your social media posts are dedicated to him, your friends know about your despondency, both the families know, his Facebook friends know, and people all around the world know about your stalking behaviour! It gets humiliating. It is insulting because people call you names and talk behind your back.

  • You lose interest in other things

Never chase a man. Here’s why!


When you are out in the open with your running shoes and your hunter’s gun, you focus only on one thing. You don’t care about your job, your passion, your food, basically your life. Such an obsession is not only dangerous but lethal. You must understand that there are more than many things that can make you happy. In fact, he is only making you sad. You must not let your life slip by empty for someone who doesn’t care a shilling about you.

  • You forget the ones you love

Never chase a man. Here’s why!

That’s right! When you are chasing a guy, the people who love you disappear from your vision. You are missing out on the numerous opportunities to be happy, to live the way you wanted to be before he entered your life. You stop making memories with your friends; you stop talking to your parents, and you worry about an imaginary ghost who does not even know what your name is!

Stop bothering him because though you get around wooing him; he won’t be with you for long. Once you start chasing a man, you lose him forever. You automatically become inferior to him no matter how superiorly smart or attractive you are. Don’t be overly eager and desperate that you can not live without him. If you like him, drop hints at him, if he likes you he will come to you. There is no point in chasing him day after day. Give your running shoes and your heart a break! Those worthy will find a way to your heart without giving you the slightest trouble.

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