Nimisha Bhanot’s Painting Series on Women Empowerment

Nimisha Bhanot's Painting Series on Women Empowerment

Nimisha Bhanot is an Indian Canadian Artist who created a buzz recently for her painting series, “Badass Indian Pinups“. The idea bloomed in 2012 since the Delhi gang rape case which was followed by a rise in slut shaming.

The paintings are quite sexually liberating in terms of women who break barriers and stand with their heads high.

Bhanot acknowledges her high school teacher, Mrs. Whitby’s support in bringing out the artist in her. She believes that her teachers had a pivotal role to play in shifting her focus from grades to relaxing and enjoying what she does best.

She believes her work is an expression of individualism and showcasing of identity which is a movement of its kind.


Bhanot says:

I feel that by creating these paintings I am creating something tangible that represents the things we sweep under the rug.

She defends her work on the ground that it portrays a different way of seeing the society altogether, rather than challenging the very traditional concepts prevalent in South Asia.

Galleries haven’t been too welcoming of her work given the fact that they are perceived to be provocative or ” political ” in nature. But she hopes that  she can drive home her message through the internet, which is a powerful medium these days.

She wishes to have a society where women of different thoughts, attitudes and expressions are embraced. Bhanot believes:

I want everyone that sees my pinups to understand that there is no one right way to feel empowered and that we should seriously stop shaming and judging women for being sexually outspoken. Whether it’s through clothing, jewellery, makeup, writing, or art.

We hope she is successful in educating the society about being more inclusive of diversities and blurring social stigmas that cage women, through Art.

Way to go, Girl!


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