Nirbhaya Rape Case


We live in a free country. Of course. A country where criminals can walk free in spite of the awful crimes they’ve committed.

There is equality between the sexes. True. Equality to such an extent that both rapists and victims are accused. One of raping and the other of seducing the rapist.

And the decade old trumpet of “justice prevails” still blows in the country. Sure. After serving his sentence, a criminal is set free and allowed to do whatsoever he wishes to!

After all, we live in a free country! You might be thinking what this ramble is all about. Well then, let me do the honor of taking you back on the night of 12th December, 2012, when six filthy men gang-raped an innocent women. The incident took place in the country’s capital, Delhi, where two friends, Jyoti and Avanindra were returning home after watching a movie. Sadly, they never reached home. Never would have they imagined something so horrible even in their wildest dreams. Had they not boarded the bus at Mundria, a heinous crime would not have been committed. But they did board the bus and the incident did take place. They were ushered into the bus by a MINOR (see: schmuck) who assured them that the bus was going towards their destination. Avinandra became suspicious when the bus digressed from its route. When he tried to object, he was taunted of travelling alone at such a late hour by a gang of six men. They abused him, beat him up with an iron rod and gagged him. What they did with the woman was quite obvious. They RAPED her, and not just a rape at that. They injured her genitals, abdomen and intestine by penetrating an iron rod in them. They, then threw the semi-conscious and semi-covered bodies out of the moving bus. They tried to run the bus over them but failed and sped. The victim was taken to a hospital in Delhi and later to Singapore where she succumbed to death.

People throughout the country marched protests and rallies demanding the safety of women, demanding the rapists’ slaughter. Better safety measures were implemented of course, but at the cost of a rape. At the cost of a life.

You might wonder what happened of the criminals. One hanged himself, one (MINOR) was sent to a remand home and the rest were hanged to death. Death is too small a sentence for this heinous crime. Considering the torturous gang-rape, death becomes but a rescue. Such assholes should die out of humiliation.

The miserable part here is, one of the man (see: inhuman) who was involved in the crime, the man who was a minor on the night of December 12, will walk out of the reform home, a free man. A country which sings the glories of justice and equality is letting loose a juvenile. A juvenile who can rape. A juvenile who can torture. A juvenile who can murder.

And why won’t the victim’s parents say, “Crime has won and we have lost. The assurance we were given that we would get justice has not been delivered. We are shattered.”

The fight will continue. More crimes will be committed and more criminals will be set free. Delhi court has refused to extend the minor’s stay in the reform home. The criminal is going to be released on 19th December, 2015. Humans are dying now, humanity died long ago. Where is justice?

(The views expressed are personal.)

-Alisha Khan

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