7 Kinds of Non- sexual touches that bond your relationship


You partner’s touch can make you feel loved and secured. They have tremendous power to create bonds. Whether or not you partner is interested in you can be assured with the way he touches you not just sexually but non- sexually too. Don’t you remember how nice it felt when he held your hand in front of his friends or when he pulled you close to protect you from the cold?

There are many ways in which you can make each other feel loved and can stay in touch without having to depend on sex to strengthen your relationship. You need to know these also because you won’t be young forever to have sex with the same vigour.

Playful fighting:

Isn’t it fun when you playfully hit each other with the pillow, wrestle on the bed? Not only does it help you burst anger that might have accumulated, it even relieves your stress.

Small pecks:

The warmth your heart feels when your partner kisses your forehead or your nose is beyond words. All you can do is, close your eyes and feel how your heart connects immediately with that gesture.

The tickling bones:

Does really feel annoying and irritating at times when my partner tickles, but the fun and frolic that unfolds with this non- sexual touch is instantly connecting.

Run fingers through each others’ hair:

Hair strokes feel really relaxing and calms your irritable nerves in no time. Do this while you cuddle each other.

Brush against each other as often as possible:

Both of you will love it when you purposely try and touch him whenever he walks past you. That might just be locking your fingers together or just pulling his cheeks.

Dance like crazy:

You may not be a pro at it but dancing your heart out with your partner not just helps you enjoy the music in a better way, you can also laugh at each others’ silly moves. Trust me, you will create memories!

Hug it out:

Hugs can do wonders! How calm and baseless every wrong thing happening to you feels when your partner hugs you. The good feeling hormones immediately get released when you hug someone. Fact: Women often trust people instantly who hug them for about 15 seconds.



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