StayUncle lets unmarried couples rent rooms

Now, StayUncle lets unmarried couples rent rooms


Earlier unmarried couples who rented rooms always feared a knock on their doors. The knock could signal police who would detain them for an ‘indecent behavior in public.’ No-one can deny that unmarried couples who rent rooms in hotels are looked at suspiciously. We now have StayUncle to the rescue. Time to celebrate your privacy!

StayUncle, a Delhi-based start-up comes as a saviour to eliminate this dilemma of lovers. They can rent rooms for as much as 10 hours without having to worry about a knock on their doors. The start-up is owned by SanchitSethi and it is approved by the government.

There is no law in India that prohibits (unmarried) couples from renting a room. As long as you have a government identity card, you should be given a room. We don’t live in the 1950s anymore. What we are trying to do is change the mindset of hoteliers,” says Sethi.

Not many hotels were ready to team up with StayUncle. After its first agreement from Ace Residency, the start-up has roped total 44 hotels; 34 in Delhi and 10 in Mumbai.

Originally, Sethi planned to cater to travellers but since most inquiries came from unmarried couples, he decided to dump the plan.

Out of 10 hotels we speak to, only two or three eventually sign up. This is a new industry and people often see this as going against the culture of the country and there is always the fear of moral policing,” said the owner.

Till date, the start-up, StayUncle has provided its services to 200 couples.



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