Nudity portraying Indian movies

The Indian movies that portray nudity


We all know that movies in India are produced considering the conservative mind set of Indians. But there are some movies that have pushed the boundaries and actually showed obscene, nude and vulgar scenes. Here is a list of nudity portraying Indian movies:


  • Gandu 

The Indian movies that portray nudity

The Title of the movie itself is nasty and unacceptable. The movie has gone to such lengths of showing sex scenes that audience have left theater before watching the complete movie.

  • Maya Memsaab

The Indian movies that portray nudity

This movie is an adaptation of Gustave Flaubert‘s novel Madame Bovary. Superstar Shahrukh Khan has also acted in this movie in which scenes depicted frontal nudity.

  • Sins

Another controversial nudity portraying Indian movie is Sins. The film has pornographic scenes that led people file a public litigation against it. The story is about a priest who accidentally falls in love with a Young woman and goes on committing sins. After watching the trailer, you might get an idea of what kind of Sins he may have committed.

  • Cosmic sex 

The Indian movies that portray nudity

A Bengali film written and directed by Amitabh Chakraborty, Cosmic Sex is a movie about a young man who is avoiding sex and violence. But he meets a lady who resembles his mother and she teaches him spirituality through sex.

  • Chatrak

This movie has caused quite an uproar in India because of which a version of the film without sexually explicit scene was arranged to be shown in the 2011Kolkata Film Festival.


These nudity in Indian movies have attempted to educate people to accept their bodies and sexuality. Despite significant flaws in the ways of puting forward their ideas, they have brought about a humungous change in Indian cinema. On the other side, a section still believes that though such movies revolve around stories that will leave you awestruck, movie makers must understand the ethos and attitude of Indians who love action, drama, masala epic and horny scenes but to a certain extent.


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