Oral sex myths busted!

Oral Sex myths busted!

If one wants to feel pleasure and utmost satisfaction, then one must have oral sex. Oral sex is not only fulfilling but is also a great intimate activity. Oral sex positively affects women’s health. The semen has mood altering chemicals which increase affectionate feelings and is beneficial for women. Even after oral sex promising orgasmic pleasure some tend to raise eyebrows against it. This is because of the myths that surround oral sex. Here, all myths that are associated with oral sex will be busted.

Myth 1- Oral sex won’t make you orgasm

Oral Sex myths busted!

The ecstatic orgasm that women reach through oral sex is incomparable. The reality of the picture is that most women require oral sex to reach the climax. It is a fact that very few women reach the apex point of sex through regular intercourse. During oral sex, when the partner stimulates your clitoris with their tongue, the saliva acts as a super stimulant. Additionally, the fact that your partner is down under putting his mouth at work increases intimacy and your chance of making orgasm increases.

Myth 2- The semen must not be swallowed (It is harmful, and you can get pregnant)

Oral Sex myths busted!

People without possessing adept knowledge about a topic are likely to cook up such beliefs. Semen is a natural body fluid, and there is no harm in swallowing it if you partner is healthy. In fact, semen is a highly concentrated source of minerals and protein and also, many other useful nutrients. On the other hand, there is no possibility that women would get pregnant by consuming semen as only when the semen contacts the eggs in a woman’s body can she get pregnant.

Myth 3- Brushing before oral sex is important to prevent spreading of diseases

Oral Sex myths busted!

This is disastrous as brushing your teeth before oral sex makes you prone to grab harmful diseases. While brushing, we often encounter minor cuts in the lining of gums and through the blood stream, the viruses can spread easily if your partner suffers from any sexual disease like HIV, etc. The best way to prevent the spread of diseases is to use dental condoms for protection.

Myth 4- Semen clears skin problems

Oral Sex myths busted!

No, semen is not a good makeover technique. It is a very common remedy that you must have heard from a lot of women. In India, people also presume that the reason behind the glowing skin of the newly wedded women is the semen face pack. But this is just a myth as rubbing semen blocks your skin pores and does not let your skin breathe properly. And, it is certainly not the cure for your acne and other skin snags.

I am sure now you have gathered ample awareness on oral sex as the ridiculous myths have been busted. Therefore, feel free to love yourself with the delight of oral sex and let your partner boom the tongue tickles down beneath you! (Winks)

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