Painting types that will intrigue you


Most women are creative by nature and have some or other creative hobby or interests. But due to busy schedules, many do not follow up with their hobbies!

Scientists reveal that following or practicing your hobby or interests make you happy and pushes your heart towards a healthful and longer life. Also, they save you from boredom!

Gaining expertise in your hobbies and pursuing various art forms can also help you fetch income by selling your art and craft in the market itself. These days women entrepreneurs are creating huge hubbub by their creative ideas and new found enterprises. Online markets have not only helped them to reach different parts of their own country but also has opened the overseas gateway.

Here are some painting types that might intrigue you, your eyes and your interest to learn them as well ! You can also expertise in these and can start your own online store!

  1. Canvas painting: Canvas paintings are very common but are equally famous and craved for. The canvas is a high quality fabric that can be filled with various imaginations and visions using colors and paint brushes. You can use poster colors, oil colors and nibs to paint as well!
  2. Decoupage painting: A very beautiful form of art that is not much known. Decoupage paintings are made using adhesive, generally fevicol mixed with three fourth parts of water. The main ingredient of this painting is paper that is printed in some pattern or various colored papers used to create a certain pattern. And then coating them with several layers of adhesive and water mixture. You can get these framed in various kinds of frames.
  3. Tanjore painting: These paintings are expensive as they are done in gold! Yes! Gold! A thin sheet of gold or gold foil is used to decorate different parts of a picture and this is end with extreme care. The gold is engraved with beautiful designs into the painting. These are pretty famous all over India for home decor!
  4. Jewelry painting: Jewelry painting involves various loose gemstones. An already drawn picture is embellished with jewels carefully in an exquisite manner. Generally kundan stones are used for the same.
  5. Mud painting: Mud paintings hear their origin from Gujarat. These paintings are made using mud or dry sand even. Usually these paintings have a huge quest and market overseas. They are used as specimen of the great Indian rural culture.