Parenting: reversal of gender roles

Parenting: reversal of Gender Roles

Parenting is usually associated with the mother. It is said that whatever the mother teaches the child, the child learns the fastest; chiefly because the mother carries the child in her womb for about 9 months. So, all the attributes of the child, like qualities, hygiene, habits are passed on from the mother to the child.

This is a sexist view point, and the father is as much responsible for the children as much the mother. The mother might have carried the child for a long time, but the child is the cumulative effort of both the parents. As much as the child loves his/her mother, so much does he/she adore the father. Both the parents are to look after the various emotional and spiritual developments of the children.

What a mother does for her children:

Parenting: reversal of Gender Roles

A mother secures her children with emotional stability; she smothers the child with affection and looks after the needs of the child. She instills education and values in her child, ensures that he/she understands the basics of life.

What a father does for his children:

A father instills confidence in his children, brings up the children with a strong foundation. He looks after the materialistic needs of the child. He sees to it that the children behave well with their mother, and they respect her for all the sacrifices she makes.

Reversal of roles:

Parenting: reversal of Gender Roles

  • Parental roles are reversible, and any one of the parent can take up the roles mentioned. It is not a gender specific role, and there are no lines or barriers in between. Everybody is entitled to bring up their child in a way they find suitable and desirable. Hence, the bringing up of the child can never become the sole responsibility of the mother. Both the parents have to equally devote time behind the child, and concentrate on building of the child’s character and education.
  • Bringing up the child is a huge responsibility and burdening the lady alone is not only unfair and unjust, but also an impossible task. Parenting is a huge task and it should compulsorily include both the parents, and no matter what the profession of the parent, whether male or female, both should equally invest into the child’s future.

The shaping of the future of the child thus completely lies in the hands of both the responsibility of the parents.  Work, profession, tradition, none of these stands up here as excuses. It is the first and foremost duty of both the parents to look into all the matters concerning the child. Just as the responsibilities of the house need to be shared, in the same way, every duty of the household needs to be equally shared, and fulfilled with interest and vigor.