Picking up the perfect shoes

Picking up the Perfect Shoes

A lovely pair of shoes is every woman’s love, however there are so many kinds of shoes out there that one is left baffled to pick the right one. You need to have a variety of shoes to compliment your overall look, hoarding up just one type will make your personal style boring and predictable. So today I will tell you some of the essentials for your shoe collection. Make sure to have all of them…

Flats are trendy: Whether you have 20 pair of flats or above 30, they are never enough as flat shoes are comfy, stylish and look good with any kind of outfit. However, you need to be smart picking the right kind of flats. If you have wide feet, do not go for the styles that make your feet look chubbier. Go for thin straps and dark colors. For women with skinny feet, multi strap shoes and zipper flats are a nice option. Make sure to have a variety, do not stick to one kind of style.

Heels are hot: For some women it is too hard to walk in heels and it is true that wearing them all the time is not a good idea. But you should have at least 3-4 pairs of heels to wear with your formal dresses. Black, white, brown and caramel are the colors you should go for. Instead of pencil heels prefer wider ones they give your body proper balance and are easier to walk in. Do not spend too much money on heels since you are not going to wear them on regular basis. Do not buy too cheap or overly priced shoes. Make a brand choice based on designs, reasonable price range and comfort.

Wedges look cool: Wedges look nice on all age groups, this is the reason you should add glam to your style with them. Wedges are available in various materials so you need to find out which one looks better on your feet along with the price tags and styles. These shoes look utterly cool with jeans and capris so go for designs that do not have accessories like glittery broaches attached on top. Simple wedges look elegant and can be worn with a number of eastern and western outfits.

The Long boots: Your winter look is incomplete without the amazing long boots that make you look like a star. It is difficult to find quality fashionable long boots at a likable price range, however you can find them on a number of online shopping websites. Black and brown are lovely colors for long boots, instead of heels go for flat ones if you have good height. Shop from a brand that offers an array of latest designs and best price range.

A useful tip: Keep your shoes enclosed in protective bags or boxes to enhance life of the manufacturing material. Do not throw shoes with stones at a random place; instead cover them to prevent from fading away within a few months of purchase.

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