Pisces Woman and Cancer Man: Love Compatibility?

The fish and the crab are both creatures of the sea. Their shared habitat has made them able to communicate through water. Theirs is a language that no one understands. For it transcends words and travels through an exchange of feelings. If there was ever a couple that could understand what their partner was feeling, it must have been a Cancer man and his Pisces lady. Has a Cancer man whisked you off of your feet? Do you wish to explore your compatibility with this man? In the next few minutes, I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the compatibility of a Cancer man and a Pisces woman.

pisces woman cancer man love compatibility

The Pisces Woman – Cancer Man Relationship

If you have an interest in astrology and like to gain knowledge of the subject, you may have heard of the vibration patterns. This should be enough to make you realize that two water signs, with a 5:9 vibration pattern, were made for each other. This pair understands each other’s feelings and emotions even when neither communicates the same. This seemingly unrealistic power between these two zodiac signs makes them most compatible of all their other matches with other zodiacs.

However, this also allows them to inflict great pain on one another. For they know what will hurt the other person the most. But more important is how little reason they will have to fight. Each is what the other needs, without the additional requirement of working to find common ground. While in all the other matches, the Cancer man had to play the adult. This is the one match where he can expect to be babied, for she is more mature than him. A fish and a crab, that is a match made in the sea.

Pisces Woman Cancer Man Soulmates

The Pisces woman has in her a tolerance like none other. This makes her adept at handling all sorts of Cancerians. She can spoil the spoilt Cancers, tend to the wounded ones, and love the perfect ones. No matter how the Cancer man was brought up, he will find in her a partner who will bear with him. Not because she doesn’t have the courage to stand up for herself. But because she can see his virtues better than anyone else.

Like I said earlier, these two are connected almost telepathically. They know what the other person needs and when. They understand each other’s emotion and that allows them to be extra-sensitive to one another’s feelings and needs. A well-bred Cancer will have the perfect union with a Pisces female. They will share everything from chores to blames. They know that it takes two to tango. Their deep understanding of one another makes them realize their own mistake as well. Thankfully both are strong enough to accept it too.

The Cancer man and Pisces woman literally make each other better. She can teach him things that he was otherwise unaware of. And he can open her up to experiences that allow her to see the world around her for what it is. Both the Cancer men and Pisces women are quiet and gentle. The peace and harmony between the two of them make life peaceful and harmonious. If there ever was a textbook example of soulmates, it is the Cancer man and the Pisces woman.

Pisces Woman Cancer Man in Bed

pisces cancer in bed

The sexual compatibility between these two signs is just as strong as their compatibility in general. It is tough to get through to a Cancer man. To bring him to a place where he is ready for the sexual expression of love. But with a Pisces woman, he knows perfectly well when they are both ready. Their emotional communication is so strong that neither has to wait for the other to say something.

The Cancer man needs caressing and sensuality to be balanced in the bed. Other than that, he is a very considerate partner. He makes sure that she enjoys sex just as much as he does. So, he will never force her to do something she’s uncomfortable with. However, that ceases to be a problem with the Pisces female. For all her shyness and quietness, she expresses herself freely in bed. She’s into trying new things and that might become a little too kinky for his taste.

She will bring the creativity and imagination to their sexual relationship. While he might have a problem adjusting to her needs initially, soon the Cancer man will realize that his Pisces lady knows the art of love making a lot better than he does. Theirs’ will be a soulful sexual union.

Cancer Man Pisces Woman Problems

A Cancer man who has been brought up to be a gentleman will seldom have any problems with his Pisces lady. Most commonly problematic Cancerians are the ones that have been spoilt by their mothers. These are men who are used to getting all the love and attention without having to reciprocate it in action. The Pisces woman will be ok with this for she can do his chores and still love him.

But a stronger Pisces woman, or any in general, after a period of time will break. Unless this Cancer learns to be better. Having a strong understanding of one another, both are adept at severely hurting one another. They know what will cut through their partner’s heart. And so, in times of great emotional pain, they will hurl comments that are going to wound them badly. Both the sender and the recipient.

During one of his mood swings, he might become overly critical of her. This will damage her brutally. She felt comfortable around him because he didn’t judge and is always supportive. But this kind of behavior from him will affect her deeply. In one of these periods of lunar depressions, he might start ignoring her because of his nameless fears and worries. His ignorance can make her frigid. While she will understand these mood swings most of the time, when she herself is swimming against the current she wants him by her side.

Cancer man can also be a very clingy lover. While she can deal with it most of the time, there will be times when she will tell him to give her space. Her polite request for her space can put him off. However, this won’t turn into a fight, but his visible depression. But no matter how bad the fighting, she will always be the first one to take a step towards reconciliation.

Is Marriage between a Cancer Man and a Pisces Woman a Good Idea?

pisces cancer marriage

Her resilience and never back down nature make a marriage between them possible. Even otherwise they have a strong connection that will end in marriage. Her love and affection will equal that of his own mother. Cancer men have a very high regard for their mothers who they feel is the only woman in the world who understands them completely. She loves him without question or judgment and he reciprocates. Both of them understand each other’s need to be understood.

But between these two, he is the more vulnerable one. True, she has her periods of depression too. But he depends on her more than she does on him. During the Cancer man’s periods of depression and melancholy her strength will see him through. Not only is she short-tempered during this time, but also drowns himself in self-pity. Here, she refuses to give in to obstacles and pulls him out of his sorrows. Together they make a great team. There is a big chance that they might spoil their children.

Both are affectionate as mothers to their children. If they have strong-headed children, they might take the liberty of their tenderness. But better chances are of their children being the epitome of mannerism and nobility.



Now that you know all the secrets to your relationship with the cancer man, you can set out for a happy life. Together, the two of you can make each other’s lives better. Just remember to not let a few short-comings get in the way.

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