Planning another baby – The perfect time

The age difference between siblings

There are differences in opinion in respect to the ideal age gap between having kids. For some it should be 18 months where as in other cases it is believed the ideal time for conceiving should be 27 months so that the gap is perfectly 3 years. The Indian Government’s Ministry for Health also recommends 3 years gap. This would help in reducing health related issues for the babies and slow down the rate of population.

There are certain other factors, which would also influence the ideal time for you to have your next issue. Age can be a very big factor as young women tends to have kids with a lower age gap than older woman. The general health of the mother is an important factor in case of pregnancy. Nutritional values of the mother’s body would determine the health of the new born.

The relationship between the child, parents and siblings

It is recommended to have your next issue just when your baby’s age is less than one or above four. This is ideal in respect to a child’s relationship with their parents or sibling rivalry and the baby’s own self-esteem. A survey has revealed that:

  • A child develops negative views about their parents or themselves, when their siblings are just around at two years gap.
  • Children who are under an age of one year do not develop the feeling of a special status.
  • Kids above the age of four have already had enough time to enjoy the attention from their parents and are matured enough to have a life of their own.
  • Little or wide gaps between siblings can have benefits which may extent to adolescence.
  • Small gaps between siblings would help the elder kid to develop a positive and better self image.

Financial situation

Money is a very important factor, which parents should consider before they think of a second child. Raising a child in today’s world is very expensive. Starting from day one vaccination, doctor’s consultation fees, education etc. all add up to a huge amount. You should plan your financial budget very well before you get ready for the second child. It becomes impossible for a working mother to handle her kids and career at the same time. So being careful about your financial conditions would help you take the right decision.

Age factor

A woman’s age should always be considered before you start planning for your next kid. If you are planning to have your second issue around your late 30s, you really cannot place them at three years gap whereas if you belong to your early 30s you always have that luxury. Having a baby towards your late 30s would increase complications and is preferable to plan any issue within the age of 35.



Does both of you agree on the decision?

In many situations, one partner might be ready but the other is not. However, it is difficult to sync in such situations but the consent of both the partner is very important. Rearing a child is a process, which requires both the parent’s involvement and commitment. If necessary sit down and talk about your complications but be sure to get positive outcome before you conceive.


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