Plastic Surgery for Bollywood Stars

There are number of different plastic surgeries and beauty operations available to those who like to look different and more attractive. Nose reshaping, uplifting forehead, liposuction and cosmetic surgery are few of the procedures that Indian Actresses have gone through to make them look more attractive. However, some of the stars had gone through miseries of looking uglier than before while others were successful in looking gorgeous and sexy. Stars like Rakhi Sawant, Koena Mitra, Juhi Chawla and few others had to face hard time after going through surgeries. Let us talk about some celebrities who ended up in a complete disaster.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant has gone through various cosmetic surgeries to look more appealing and sexy. However, now she looks more like a plastic doll rather than a human. From breast implant to liposuction and sharpening the jaw line etc., she looks so unreal that even the makeup cannot hide it. As she is a well-known dancer and an item girl, her lusty moves and appealing eyes are still loved by the people.

Juhi Chawla

Juhi is known for her cheerful nature and cute smile and very much disliked shape of her nose. She was also one of those who had gone through cosmetic surgery to overcome her beauty flaw. After she had gone through surgery, the miseries added up and her nose looked like more blotched on the side and a little crooked. She looked very well, before surgery; however, her good acting saved her from being rejected by directors and producers.

Kangana Ranaut

Like many other actresses, kangana wasn’t happy with her looks (problem that every woman faces). She is well-known for her brilliant and hard-hitting performance and has even won many awards. She went through plastic surgery as well as breast implant (as perceived by others) but her lip surgery could not be denied. Her lips look like more of African men. Before that, she had pencil thin lips, which looked gorgeous and eye striking.

Koena Mitra

Her nose job went horribly wrong and the effects still haunt her till today. She never hid herself from media and came out with boldness to show the world, what she had gone through. The star made an impact with her dance in Saaki Saaki and was hyped as next item girl. All Koena Mitra desired was a sharper nose but it ruined up looking so bungled and spoiled that she could scarcely even smirk after that.

Minisha Lamba

Minisha Lamba is one excellent model of plastic surgery demolish in Bollywood. The Bachna Ae Haseeno star, who appeared to be most doubtful participant obliging a nonessential surgery, accomplished a plastic surgery on her nose that does not bid us whatsoever. To break free from this simplification, she experienced plastic surgery, which was truly obvious in her flick Kidnap. Her nose looked reshaped, her bosoms looked improved and her body structure was leaner as well. It may be because of exercises yet the nose surely found touched.

Like these Bollywood stars, you must think of what it would be like if you alter natural beauty. Even if you are not too attractive, you might not look well with these plastic surgeries.

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