Pomegranate – Benefits for skin and health

Pomegranate – Benefits for skin and healthWe all know that Pomegranates have medicinal properties but it also has some amazing beauty benefits, those crimson seeds not only tastes good but is packed with the boons to die for. Just like “an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay” same goes for pomegranate, a Pomegranate a day keeps the beautician away. Why spend so much money on costly beauty products when a single pomegranate can reap such unmatched gains.

Acne free skin

Every other women has this common problem of pimples and getting a zit scares the lot, pomegranate is loaded with Vitamin C which helps the secretion of sebum that in turn reduces the production of pimples, it further regulates the blood circulation, keeping the digestive system at check and cleans the skin internally.

Secret to a glowing skin

Do you envy your friend’s, sister’s or even your office colleague’s baby soft skin? then pomegranate can definitely come to your rescue. Our skin has a fundamental element known as collagen which is the reason behind our skin’s softness, the composition containing in the pomegranate halts the enzymes from breaking the collagen off and thus leaving the skin glowing and healthy.

Aids the rejuvenation of cells

With the gaining of age different type of skin problems start to peep in, one such problem is skin pigmentation. The anti-oxidant property in the pomegranate helps in rejuvenating the skin cells and lifts the spirits of the skin. Pomegranate has a high level of iron content and a single fruit of the same can raise the level of hemoglobin which in turn can keep the body internally revitalized.

Natural SPF

Pomegranate acts as a natural sunscreen, the anti-oxidant property of pomegranate works as a protective shield for the skin from the rigid sun and the everyday dabbing of same on the skin helps to get rid of sun burns and leaves the skin damage free.

Helps in skin nourishment

The oil derived from the pomegranate seeds nourishes the skin from deep within leaving the skin look more plum and moisturized. The punicic acid in the pomegranate reduces the bacteria formation and keeps the skin healthy.

Recipe for anti-ageing

It has the best anti-ageing property, why waste so much on anti-ageing products to get rid of those wrinkles? The oil secreted from the pomegranate keeps the outer skin shiny and helps in delaying wrinkles. So, treat yourself with a tasty cup of pomegranate juice or have a full pomegranate every day and see the amazing difference it leaves on your skin and start getting that young look you have always wanted.

Remedy to skin irritations and burns

Pomegranate has a medicinal property known as polyphenols which is a cooling agent and helps in curing any sort of skin burns and irritations. The oil extracted from pomegranate seeds is a remedy for general cuts and rashes leaving it scar free.

Pomegranates can be used in different ways, from keeping it in the daily diet to using the same as face pack, the beauty benefits of this red fruit is incredible.


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