Pratyusha Banerjee’s Suicide: A Murder?

pratyusha's suicide or murder?

The once famous lead actress, Pratyusha Banerjee of the Indian daily soap featured on COLORS channel, Balika Vadhu is now dead. Known to be very lively and active by her friends, she hanged herself to death at her apartment on April 1.

She worked for many popular TV shows such as Saavdhan India, Hum Hai Na, Bigg Boss, Gulmohar Grand and others.


We do not know for sure as to why the actress committed suicide. Facts stated by her closed ones are:

  • The actress had been in a relationship with Rahul Raj Singh who is also an actor. People who had seen the couple together affirm the fact that their relationship was in an upheaval. They used to have a lot of nasty fights and sour arguments.
  • Rahul tortured her publicly, tells her friends. He even threatened to kill her.
  • Pratyusha’s mother claims that the guy used her debit card and her finances were also managed by him.
  • Investigations reveal that Rahul was married to an air hostess in Ranchi but Pratyusha wasn’t aware of it.
  • It might well be true that the shocking revelation had thrown her into acute trauma. Her boyfriend questioned her character and separated her from her friends and family. He isolated her, in other words.
  • Rahul’s lawyer, Neeraj Gupta backed out of the case with some shocking revelations about the actor. Rahul had cheated on many actresses over the years. His strategy was to make a girl addicted to drugs and then scoop money from them. He constantly kept lying to his lawyer, calling himself a bachelor but in reality he was a married man with a child.


This is too soon to claim anything concrete. Perhaps she wanted to stay away from him but he forced her into the relationship. Perhaps she came to know the truth about him but it was too late.

All the while, did she leave a note blaming her boyfriend for her miseries? No.

Doesn’t all this tell us that the suicide was not a suicide but a treacherous murder?


Her death tells us a lot about the tensions and pressures of the glamorous world. What is shown outside through wide-smiles and shimmery clothes is not what happens on the inside. Celebrities are often unhappy with their demanding lives that ultimately results in their untimely deaths.

There is glamour in front of the camera but dark hours behind.

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