Pratyusha Banerjee’s Suicide: What Do Friends Claim?

pratyusha-banerjee What do friends claim

Actors took to social media to express agony. All of Pratyusha’s friends are willing to get their statements recorded. Here’s what people close to the deceased have got to say.

Sara Khan–  I have no shame and am not scared. This has all happened because of Rahul Raj Singh, Piyu (Pratyusha Banerjee)’s boyfriend. He was torturing her almost everyday. But Piyu was so much in love with Rahul that she had already started wearing a sindoor in his name. In her mind, she was married to him. I had just gone to see her wedding joda which was designed by Rohit Verma.

Ajay Chaudhary – I thought that it was an April Fool’s Day prank, but decided to check. I didn’t see Rahul there, but I was told that he’s around. He had brought Pratyusha to the hospital at 6-6.30pm and I reached at 7.20pm. But the police arrived around 9.45pm. Agar police time par aati, toh shaayad unhe Rahul mil jaata (Had the police arrived on time, they could’ve caught Rahul) I have heard that Rahul belongs to a high-profile family and he was calling up his lawyer. Pratuysha had sindoor on her forehead, but we knew that she wasn’t married.

Vikas Gupta She was doing very well professionally. She had no shortage of work. She earned a lot of money and it was managed by Rahul. She was not in depression at all. The only problem was that she was in a disturbed relationship.

Kamya Punjabi Some days ago she called me and said Rahul is cheating on her. Three-four days ago, when I got a call in Delhi, I told her I’ll come and sort out everything. She said she can’t live like this anymore and wanted to get out of this relationship.

The question here is, when Pratyusha’s friends are so sure of Rahul harassing her, why didn’t they file a complaint in the first place? How will this support help the actress, now that she is already at peace? Why, when Pratyusha’s mother alleges she knew about their turbulent relationship didn’t, for once, consider the matter seriously? The celebrity is dead now and her co-actors are posting pics with her on the social media, calling her ‘my best friend?’ If she really had friends, wouldn’t she have confided in them? And let’s say, she did tell them about her problems, why didn’t they help her then?

Rahul Raj Singh, who is now in the hospital citing chest pain is likely to be arrested after getting discharged.

Let’s wait till the test results are out and hope the case is well handled. May Justice prevail.

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