Pregnancy thirst – Healthiest 10 drinks

Keeping hydrated is very important when you are pregnant. Though water is the best drink you can have during pregnancy, you cannot always be satisfied with only water when the weather outside is very hot. Here are ten very cool and refreshing drinks for pregnancy that are healthy and tasty as well.



Water is the most important and the most refreshing drink you can have while you are pregnant. Hydration is vital during your pregnancy and also for coping with the demands of the body that is changing a lot during pregnancy. Water is also required for good lactation.


Coconut water

Pregnancy thirst – Healthiest 10 drinks

Coconut water is an inexpensive, cool drink that replenishes salt of the body and keeps you energetic all day long. It prevents dehydration and is also good for your baby. This is the healthiest option after water to quench your thirst during pregnancy.



Lemonade or Nimbu Pani is another healthy option for quenching your thirst while pregnant. It keeps you hydrarted and as a rich source of Vitamin C, promotes the absorption of iron in your body. It can give a relief in morning sickness too when tried with mint and ginger. You can also make a tasty variation by adding some chaat masala to it.


Fruit juices

Pregnancy thirst – Healthiest 10 drinks

Juices of fruits like Sweet Lime, Orange, Musk Melon, Pineapple, and Water Melon are loaded with lots of nutrients. During the hot weather, they serve as great pregnancy drinks. Just make sure that the juices are from fresh fruits. If you are going for a packaged version, it should contain hundred percent juice and no other additives like water, artificial flavours or sugar.


Drinks made of milk or milk products

Some other drinks like chilled saffron milk, lassi and buttermilk are also great refreshing drinks. These are high in calcium and also full of protein and Vitamin B-12. Milk smoothies or shakes made from chilled skimmed milk and fruits are also full of vital minerals.


Traditional drinks

Eternal favourites like Aam panna or Jal Jeera can also serve as healthy drinks when you are pregnant. They keep you cool and hydrated, provide important nutrients and help to ease morning sickness too.


Vegetable juices

Pregnancy thirst – Healthiest 10 drinks

Homemade vegetable juices are a good strategy to fulfil your daily need of veggies as well as beat the heat in summer. When most of the ladies create an aversion to the vegetables during pregnancy, they can easily digest vegetable juices. This is a great way to get proper nutrients. Chill your juice in the refrigerator to have a cool drink.


Frozen fruit and water

You can give a twist to the plain water by adding some cubes of frozen fruits to it. Some women do not like the taste of plain water especially during the first trimester. They can try this tip to add a flavour of their choice to water.


Fruit mocktails

Pregnancy thirst – Healthiest 10 drinks

You cannot stay at home for the complete nine-month period. Socialising and having fun is important for your mental health during pregnancy. Thus, when you are out for a party, fruit mocktails are a good option to have as a drink. They are full of vitamins and minerals and way much healthier and safer when compared to soda drinks or alcohol.


Iced tea

Iced tea is always more welcome during the hot weather. When you are pregnant, it is even more important to restrict very hot drinks in your diet. You can try iced tea instead of regular hot tea, if you are a tea lover. However, tea contains caffeine and you should not go beyond the daily limit of caffeine intake during pregnancy.


These ten refreshing drinks will make your pregnancy much easier. Always remember to drink filtered water during your pregnancy and use the same for making lemonade, juices and other drinks.

HAVE A REFRESHING PREGNACY….See you in the next post!


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