Prevent Hair Highlights Disasters

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You think you choose rightly and get the exact thing you want of your hair dye or highlights. But, is it cool and appealing enough for people around you. Yeah I admit that you own your life and style. But, what’s the use of speeding time, efforts and money for something that will look cheap or end up going against your real persona.


Hair highlights could be a disaster, so be sensible especially if you are a professional woman. Follow the tips below to give your hair a rich and lively bounce of perfectly done highlights.


  1. Pick the color close-to your natural shade:

Choose the right shade. It is certain that your selected shade will be different from your natural hair color. But, if you go too far or too deep, it would look awkward. For instance, your natural shade is light brown and you opt for black-blue hue, you will be considered quite insane.

While coloring your hair, match the shade as much closer as possible. Avoid going beyond one to two shades lighter or darker. Look, it’s not a fix rule to do highlights only. I love my jet-black hair with lowlights.


  1. Understand your face complexion:

Highlights won’t work unless appear in equilibrium with your facial skin tone. You must understand your face complexion to get your highlights exactly the way you want.

Here you need the professional advice. Consult the hair specialist to understand the detailed description about box shades, based on variety of characteristics including skin tone, brow and eye color.


  1. Get a nice balance of color for highlights:

You need a good balance as you decide to go on with highlights that are actually supposed to appear as if caused by the sun. Key factor is to get natural-looking highlights and not the faked. Near the roots, if line of demarcation is severe then your stylist went wrong with the job. That’s the fact and you will realize as soon as you step out of the salon into the sun.

Ensure that your colorist give you seamless balance of highlights all though your hair so that it grows out in softer. Instead of foils, you can ask for balayage in which your colorist will paints on the highlights. Being more diffused, balayage technique will give you subtle and gentle highlights.


  1. Go for chunky highlights, but in the right way

Super chunky highlights look attractive but it needs expert hands. I remember the day my friend went to hair salon and came out with tiger strips. Yeah, the stylist collapsed her expectations of super-cool highlighting because she didn’t use veining technique.

This technique is must to create clear and refined highlighting effect that appears thinner near the roots while thicker by the ends. So, if you want prominent highlights then confirm with your colorist if she is skilled in veining technique.


  1. Do not go crazy with the highlights:

Young girls are the crazier most when it comes to highlights or streaking. I would suggest them not to play wildly in this regard because your hair would break off.

If your hair start to look like a huge mess because of the damage caused by frequent and prolonged hair coloring then quit coloring your hair. To get your healthy hair back, consult your hair specialist as he can guide you better and will help fill in damaged areas.



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