Priyanka Gandhi – leading voice of congress campaign

Priyanka Gandhi is the daughter of late Rajiv Gandhi as well as Indian National Congress president Sonia Gandhi. She was born on 12th January 1972. Priyanka is strongly associated with a political family as her grandma Indira Gandhi and great grandpa Jawaharlal Nehru remained prime ministers of India. She is married to Robert Varda, a dominant businessman from Delhi.

She is more interested in her family rather than taking part in politics. However, in the general elections, 2004 she managed the campaigns of Sonia Gandhi and also helped Rahul Gandhi. In the Uttar Pradesh congress polls, 2007, she concentrated for ten seats in the Amethi Rae Bareilly district and she remains a great aspiration for women all over India.

India is all set on fire with the elections for parliamentary seats and enters the last three rounds, starting on Wednesday for the rest of 194 seats. Bhartiya Janata party and congress have been criticizing and throwing sharp comments on each other. Priyanka Gandhi is emerging as the lead voice in Congress. Congress star campaigner, Priyanka Gandhi is continuously attacking and degrading BJP’s parliamentary candidate Narendra Modi. She is not only the emerging party leader, but also as a defender in chief for her party’s trustworthiness and integrity of the family.

She is a strong voice from among the women of India. She responded Modi in a very aggressive manner and said that 56-inch chest is not needed to run a country like India; rather a person needs a big heart and moral strength. She responded to Modi during a rally in Ghorakpur and also added that one needs not to showcase power, rather focus on determination and ready to die to save the culture. The response was in Modi’s claim that a person needs 56-inch chest to convert UP into Gujrat. Netaji asked Modi, the meaning of converting UP into Gujrat by telling uninterrupted 24 hours electricity, 365 days a year.

She said that the country for which Mahatma Gandhi struggled was the result of sacrifices made by people of all religions, including Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists. It is the people who own the control. The voting right is your leading power. You must never overlook this and should never waste this chance.

For the last two elections a TV journalist has been covering the campaigns led by Priyanka Gandhi. He said that the debate is not between Congress and BJP. It is what Priyanka talks about family. He also added that she is more eloquent among the Gandhi family. She is also very clever, spontaneous and outspoken. Nothing is rehearsed, every word spoken is original and her own.

On the other hand BJP is avoiding personal attacks on her and has rejected the taunts and claims she has made in her speech. Modi said that the response of Priyanka was natural for a daughter and sister to defend her family. However, she is not in the frame of mind to withdraw from argumentative bluster. After the video release by BJP, Priyanka responded immediately and said they were behaving like panic stricken rats. She continued claiming that the charges against her were nothing new and she is not afraid of anyone. She further said that she will continue to speak against destructive, harsh and reprehensible politics in Bhavingarh village. Priyanka has moved to Amethi where voting is going to be held on 7th May.

By Nousheen Zeeshan

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