Professional Etiquettes

Professional etiquettes

Most of us tend to ignore the details of a particular setting in which we are supposed to present ourselves. The first impression is certainly the lasting one. This is especially crucial in places which require a formal approach or tone.  Here are a few rules you definitely need to follow in such a situation.

  • A person’s name carries significance. Its one’s identity in a sea of people. So be careful when you call out people in workplaces. Either call out their full names or whatever asked of by them. Mispronunciation would mean you treat them with disrespect. At least go through names carefully or ask them how it is pronounced as, if you are unsure. Similarly, be careful to spell out your last name too when you introduce yourself. You wouldn’t want to have a very casual approach at the work place.
  • Acknowledge people’s presence. Stand up to greet them. Whether younger or older to you, when you stand, you give them the impression of being respectful. Shake hands firmly. And smile making an eye contact. Smiling is reflective of a pleasing personality. Eye contact proves your confidence. Very nuanced details, but definitely makes a difference.
  • In case you have a problem with a co- worker, don’t attack the other person. You can be defensive of yourself or your action but communicate what bothers you in an extremely calm and controlled way.
  • Keep your personal life personal. You need to be careful not to let loose everything that you need to keep to yourself. You never know how things may turn against you. And there is absolutely no need to let your co- workers know what’s happening in your life. In case, you do, tread at your own risk. On the other side, don’t pressurise your co- workers tell you what you wouldn’t share with them.
  • Be really careful in the way you communicate over the phone or emails. Practice speaking in a professional tone. Try voice modulation to suit the situation. Also your emails need to be clear, precise, business- like but polite. Formatting may appear too loud. So, keep it simple and specific to the purpose. Return calls if you have specified that you would get back to the person soon.
  • Be on time or arrive at least five minutes before the meeting starts. If you are late, you put forward a very bad impression. Be respectful of the place and people you are meeting. It will take you a long way in future.



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