How to protect yourself from eve- teasing?

How to protect yourself from eve- teasing?

India is a patriarchal country where the women continue to battle for their safety and security. Evidently, the Government measures haven’t been able to combat the grueling issues of women safety. So how can this menacing situation be dealt with?

Here are five solutions women must be equipped with in India to deal with eve- teasing:


It is crucially important to stay alert about your surroundings. You just cannot ignore what activities are taking place in your circumference. Being oblivious to your surroundings can result in danger without even being aware of it. If you’re on the phone, always keep an eye out on the road for apprehensive characters. Always be alert whether any person is following you or if somebody is trying to come near so that you can take necessary actions.  Staying plugged into iPods and Mp3 players or on hands-free devices can mean an advantage to the prospective attackers.


Carry safety weapon:

Carrying safety weapons with you is a must as it not only makes you feel secure but will also come to your rescue in any kind of harassing situation.This is applied as part of self-defense techniques and can help you put up a successful fight against your harassers. Whenever you feel suspicious that somebody is trying to touch you or is getting close to you, just take out the bottle of pepper spray and spray it in his eyes. Carry a knife which you can take out and can make the people around you aware of the situation so that they can come for your help. Using safety weapons will also give strength to the other girls for future of how they can protect themselves.



How to protect yourself from eve- teasing?

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Confidence is the key as it helps greatly to unsettle the eve teaser and to make him think twice about attacking you. By staying confident, you can skillfully off track potential eve teasers. If you are walking down a lonely street, walk purposefully and never let your observation skills error. You must train your mind to be calm even if you know you have to put up a fight.


Create a scene:

Some surveys have resulted in saying that at times the best way to get away with eve teasing is to simply ignore the men who whistle and try to pass lewd comments. But if the harassment is taking a flight, then there is no doubt that you must react to it. This is important as if the attackers find you vulnerable, then they will have no fear or will become confident about your inactivity and conclude the situation is a golden opportunity for them. Lash out at the harasser and create a scene; let passers-by come to your rescue. Threaten to call the cops and keep your calm till help arrives.


Always keep your phone ready:

Mobile phone is an excellent technology and in the present time can fulfill all your demands. These days’ phones are so smartly devised that they can be a great tool in ensuring your safety.  It is always important and safe to feed emergency speed dial numbers like the cops or any male member from your home who can be available for you during emergencies, so that whenever something wrong and unexpected thing happens you can immediately call the respective number and tell them about your whereabouts. There are a number of apps that have been developed for women safety, download them and feed in your details. Also, always ensure there is enough balance in your phones for calls and messaging.

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