Protein and nutrition rich bars by Yoga bars

For the past couple of years, we’ve heard a lot about protein bars and seen how the consumption of these has moved from only professional athletes to mainstream and active day-day use. The global health and wellness trend is one of the key factors driving this market as the customers are looking out for ways to supplement protein in their food.

In this fast-paced lifestyle, sitting down and having breakfast in the morning is sometimes considered a luxury. These pocket-sized bars are a go-to snack for a healthy and nutritious meal replacement and can easily fit in your purse or a briefcase.

With snack bar consumption in India is rapidly growing, Indian snack bar market is expected to reach USD 185 million by 2023. In the current bar-wars environment, there are hundreds of types of products available for your needs like protein bars, energy bars, meal-replacement bars, diet bars, breakfast bars, snack bars, granola bars from different brands available in the market.

Choosing from hundreds of bars can be a time-consuming thing. So, we narrowed it down to one brand. We think they are with a perfect protein (whey), fiber, and low-sugar ratio for athletes, workaholics, or overcommitted moms, to prevent age-related muscle loss.

Yoga bars is one of the brands that offer their consumers a wide variety of products to choose from according to their needs. They have delicious flavors of Protein bars, Muesli, Energy bars, and breakfast bars with 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives and artificial ingredients.

For workout and fitness buffs: Whey Protein Bar

This healthiest protein bar is power-packed with 20g protein from whey and almonds, 10g fiber, and 300mg Omega 3s that can be a pre-and post-workout snack.

Available in Baked brownie, cranberry blast, hazelnuts, almond fudge, and assorted pack with all four flavors. Low carbs with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial flavors & preservatives make it the healthiest and tastiest protein bar available in the market.

For one of the key ingredients, they use whey protein instead of cheap sources like soy; this makes it an excellent supplement for those who are looking for muscle gains.

For breakfast replacement with whole nuts and dried fruits: Muesli

Muesli is nothing but a mixture of oats, dried fruits, cereals, and nuts. These bars are available in 2 variants Super Muesli and Muesli+

Super muesli consists of a whopping 82% of almonds, seeds, whole grains, and 0% sugar. Yes! 0% sugar!! Maybe that is the reason why they are calling it super muesli.

Highly nutritious and low-calorie super muesli packed with 7g protein, 21g whole grains, 500mg omega 3, and more fiber per serving makes it the healthiest way to start your day.

Muesli+ is available in 4 flavors Dark Chocolate + Cranberries, Fruits Nuts + Seeds, Almonds + Quinoa, and Turmeric + Ginger. While the chocolate + cranberries variant takes my vote, my mind is still running around turmeric + ginger flavor. I wonder how it tastes like, and at the same time, its health benefits are almost unmatchable.

For breakfast replacement with proteins: Breakfast Protein Bar

Yes, didn’t I tell you there are snack bars for everyone according to their needs? As you might have guessed already, they are the go-to substitute if you are on the move or couldn’t find time for breakfast.

Breakfast protein bars are available in Apricot fig, almond coconut, apple cinnamon, blueberry pie, and assorted pack with all four flavors.

With 8g protein, 7g fiber, 10g of whole grain, and 10-12% nuts and seeds per bar make this the complete meal replacement bar for someone with a busy lifestyle.

For a quick snack for energy: Multigrain Energy Bar 

The best-rated energy bar on Amazon consists of 25-30% whole grains, 10-15% seeds, and 10-15% nuts. A quick and healthiest with no artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated oils you can have at any part of the day guilt-free.

They are available in Chocolate Chunk Nut, Nuts and Seeds, Vanilla Almond (Yum!!), Orange Cashew, and assorted box with all four flavors if you cannot pick one in such yummy flavors.

The best part of this bar is you can use it as a pre-or post-workout bar as well. You can see all the nuts and grains in the bar while you eat.

For those who want fiber in their protein bar, there are fiber- and protein-based bars. There are multi-grains, seeds with protein for breakfast supplement bars. So, stop waiting, choose your liking, and give it a try.

With all the yummy, tasty, and healthy snack bars available, why not gift them to your loved ones and start New Year as a Healthy New Year.

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