Pull- out method: Effective in birth control?

Pull out method: Effective in birth control?


We have reached a time where women can choose which method she wants to adopt to avoid unwanted pregnancy. From IUDs to condoms to pills to women’s condoms now, women can decide on her contraception method. Shockingly, most women are relying on the Pull-out method!

Pull-out method:

Also known as coitus interruptus, the Pull out method is one of the oldest forms of birth control. In this method, a man pulls his penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates. 60% of couples have used the Pull out method at least once in their sexual life. It requires a lot of self-control and experience.

Is it effective?

Now, if it wasn’t effective, it would not have been the third most popular form of birth control. Out of 100 people who could pull out like a professional, only four got pregnant in a year. There are so many advantages of withdrawing. You don’t have to get a condom. It is always available and it is completely free of hormones. It is the easiest contraception to use and inarguably, THE best.

Myths associated with the Pull-out method:

Pull- out method: Effective in birth control?

  • It doesn’t work – We cannot guarantee you if works perfectly. As mentioned, you need to be an expert at that. Researchers and doctors do not count it as a contraception method. Yes, it works and yes it prevents pregnancy but the question is, if you really don’t want the sperms to travel to your eggs, why not use a condom or take a pill?


  • Pulling out is damn easy –Nope. You need trust, backup plan, and good communication to use this method. Practice pulling out with a condom first and then go for the actual thing. Incase of accidents where the sperms have swum to the ovaries, keep the pills at hand or an emergency contraception.


  • There’s no risk involved – Sure the Pull out method seems rational but don’t forget the risks associated with it. You may get infected with Sexually transmitted Infections, you may end up with a baby and your man may not pull it out at the right time.


What surveys reveal:

Glow, a menstrual cycle tracking app says 18 percent of women used withdrawal method. Duke revealed 31% women opt for pull out as their primary method while CDC, another survey reveals, 60% women used pull out.

What statistics reveal:

For couples who can’t pull out perfectly, the estimated failure rate is 27%. While for condoms, the failure rate is 18%. On the other hand, IUDs have a failure rate of 6%. Pleasure rate might be high but the failure rate is even higher. So choose wisely!


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