10 Qualities that make you unappealing

qualities that make you unappealing

Sometimes, you become unappealing to others without even realizing it. You embody characteristics and personality traits that nobody wants to tolerate or put up with. Our everyday goal should be to strive to become a better person than who we were yesterday, to be compassionate, kind and humble.

Some of us unknowingly start developing an undesirable temperament. The following are the traits that one must quit to be a better human:

  • Narcissistic Traits

No one likes a person who is only concerned about their own self. You exclusively care about what you have to say, where you want to go, what you want to say, what you want to do and don’t bother hearing anybody else out. Nobody likes a self-absorbed person who only thinks about themselves.

  • Being Beautiful on the Outside is Not Enough

You are so concerned about how you look, how you dress that you completely forget that beauty lies within the heart. External beauty matters, yes, on a superficial level it matters a lot. But inner beauty is immortal. A pretty face will soon be discarded if her behavior is detestable.

  • Stop Comparing

5 qualities that make you unappealing


You are not toddlers anymore. Stop comparing yourself with others.
If you are always bent upon beating your friends, you’re not a true friend. You should celebrate their success as much as you celebrate yours.

  • Frenemies

Your friends are not your foes. They have stuck by you through thick and thin, and if they are still beside you through your unattractive phase, they are your truest of friends. Don’t stab them in the back, don’t treat them as your enemies.

  • Your Significance to Them

You start questioning how important you are to them, your relevance in their lives. You hate it when they go out without you like that is a huge crime. No, it’s not. They are still your friends. Stop acting so insecure.

  • Dominating

You tend to take charge, decide which places to go, what cuisine to eat, try to take control over the actions of others. But this is not appealing one bit. Nobody appreciates a Queen Bee in real life. You need to stop bossing people around.

  • Untrustworthy

You lie a lot, make false promises and don’t show up when others are relying on you. You are considered extremely unattractive the second you fib. Dishonest and deceptive behavior are appreciated by none.

  • Needing Help but Never Helping

10 qualities that make you unappealing!

You’re dependent on the help and assistance provided to you by others, but you are unreliable yourself. Nobody can trust or rely on you because you never show up when they need you most. How do you expect your friends to be there for you always when you’re such an ungrateful, self-absorbed, irresponsible friend?

  • Mean

You are a mean person. A mean, cranky, rude, sarcastic person. Always passing impolite, sardonic remarks.
That kind of person is sooner or later discarded from the group for cracking offensive jokes on your friends and humiliating them in public places. That might be your idea of amusement, but others find it absolutely ugly.

  • Pessimist

Stop being a cynical, pessimistic person. It’s not appealing. Turn your world upside down and start seeing the world from a hopeful perspective. Nothing is as bad as you make it.