What questions to ask a guy in an arranged marriage meeting?

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of an arranged marriage setup is that how the hell am I suppose to know whether he is the one for me in forty minutes? But believe me, there are a set of questions that can be so insightful that you can judge his personality pretty well in a go. His answer to those questions are going to determine what traits he possesses.

6 Ways you are pushing away better prospects from life  Dating games can have quite the opposite effect on you especially if you have been taking thing too casually. Hide and seek may been fun for sometime but that might also repel the better prospects that you are supposed to meet. Those who are on the scene for hook-ups are pretty chilled about what they are expecting and like to keep it that way. However, if you have other plans and are looking for a relationship, you should be loud and clear so that misunderstandings and bitterness don't permeate into the equation that you share with each other. Despite clarifying your expectations, men still like being chased. Women might find it difficult to show all their cards away and this fear might push away all the good men that they are supposed to meet and probably end up being together with.   A short tip: Don't give yourself away way too soon. Let him prove if he is worth it and whether he is really interested in having you in his life, if at all you are looking for something serious. Despite the test that you are putting him through, be nice to him and always maintain your dignity wherever you go. It's okay if you have trust issues and you want to be absolutely sure before you let them have your 100%.  Making him wait for a response  Blame it on the negative influences that have taught you to try and be so exclusive that you keep someone waiting for a polite response. If you think that peaks their interest in you, it could also go the other way round and make them lose their interest completely. If you consider yourself a prize, don't assume that the other person thinks any low of himself. The time taken to respond to a person's call or texts holds enough respect. In the process of playing hard to get, don't just kill the vibe by acting too pricey.   Failing to Acknowledge and appreciate   It is not often enough that people do make efforts for you. When they do, make sure you acknowledge that and also let them know if there is something that floored you. No matter who you meet and what agenda they have in mind about you, make sure that you are at your nicest best. You may not want to show him that you are already sold but appreciating something is always heart warming. Don't make someone feel mad or unappreciated. People have hopes whether you are in tune with that or not.   Being selfish  Selfish people are mood killers. If you constantly speak about yourself and brag about your accomplishments or shout out your sob stories, it will bore the other person. If you want to make people happy, you should be able to listen to them. Be interested in what they have to tell you. Not just does that keep the conversations interesting, but also tells your date that you care about people and not just your wellbeing. If you are looking for a partnership, you cannot talk and act like you are the only one who should matter.   Acting busy all the time  No one is too busy to do something they like. If you really have the will, you will meet whoever you have to. If you keep telling people that you cannot go out with them, you immediately hurt their ego because they assume that you are not interested in them. You may reject a date once but if you do that every time they ask you out, you will crush their ego which no man wants to afford.   Acting the least interested  When you are around people, you will have to be interested. Now if things don't really vibe well, it will be difficult to force yourself but you should be courteous and give people and chance to express themselves well. If you show him like you don't care about his presence, it will be taken as an insult. If you were in a relationship, it would still irritate a man if you act least interested. Now when you are in the dating pool, you have to understand that there are other women out there too who are ready to give the attention to the guy who is seeking that from you. Given the options available, do you think it is practical to assume that he will linger for long? I don't think so!  Killing the vibe  If you are in no mood to see this guy again, make sure you are upfront about it but always watch your words even when you say a 'No'. Don't leave in between a date or act and make excuses. People can always tell when you are trying to bail out of a situation you don't like. Be honest about what you want and what's not working.

So, you parents have started approaching you with pictures of the prospects and you are weary about the whole idea. But take a deep breath and relax! Arranged marriages have their own charm and if you ask the right questions in the marriage meeting, you won’t be finicky about the whole idea of an arranged marriage.


Continue reading the post to know what questions you should ask a guy in an arranged marriage meeting.


So, the first set of questions are-




  1. If you had the power to meet anyone in the world, who would you meet?


This question will help you decode his areas of interests. Usually a person would use this power to meet anyone whose work inspires them or entertains them. For instance, if he says Barack Obama, you would know that he takes interests in politics and leadership. You can further ask him to find out as to why he wants to meet him or what is it about him that he finds charismatic.


  1. Do you want to be famous?

 What questions to ask a guy in an arranged marriage meeting?

Majority of people want to be famous. So his answer to this question will help you find out whether he falls in the majority or is he happy with his sweet and simple life. This will also help you know whether he is ambitious or not. Be careful if he says he would like to imitate Andrew Cannon (the world famous criminal), then he surely is a person who loves fame coming his way by hook or by crook. And then, you should know where the exit door is.


  1. What is your idea of a perfect day?


This is one of the most important questions in the list. Because his answer will help you decipher whether you as a person fit into his picture of a perfect day. His answers are going to help you find out whether this arranged marriage setup is going to work well with you both are not.


  1. Name a few things you and your partner must have in common.


Another very important question that you should ask the guy is this one. People look for commonalties in an arranged marriage meeting and the more common interests and ideas you share, the more you are considered to be suitable for each other. If he responds with caste, religion or city, you should start googling ‘How to turn down an arranged marriage meeting?’


  1. What are you most grateful for?


This question will help you find out about his morals and values. If he says he is most grateful for his pet dog, then you can understand that he is someone who is sensitive towards animals and if he says it is his family that he is most grateful for, then you get to know that he is someone who likes to treasure his relationships.




1.What is your biggest accomplishment in life?

 What questions to ask a guy in an arranged marriage meeting?

This will give you an insight into his life, details of which were not shared on the matrimonial site. You will get to know about his best performances and areas of his life where he has hit a master stroke. This is a good question to ask a guy to uncover something profound in his life.


2.What do you value the most in friendship?


A person’s outlook towards a relationship helps one find out what are the aspects of it that appeals to him and things that he is keen about in a relationship. If you think you are on an agreement to his answers, chances are high that you both will make a good match in future.


3.What is your most terrible memory?


A lot, a lot of a person’s secret lies in these answers. People usually don’t talk about their weakness, mot because they themselves aren’t aware what makes them anxious. But this question will help you learn about a person in depth. You will be able to understand what are the things that haunt him and terrifies him which he otherwise wouldn’t reveal to you.


4.When did you last cry?


Well, most guys like to say that they don’t cry, which is a hopeless lie. If he says that too, you should know he is lying. Also, this could help you find out some profound incident in his life that made him upset.


5. Do you think your childhood was privileged?


A critical question that you should ask smartly. His answers will help you know how his family functions and whether there is any emotional baggage that he carries from his childhood. This question in an arranged marriage meeting will help you understand how his family shaped his childhood.


So these are the set of questions that you must consider asking a guy in an arranged marriage meeting to know him.  One key suggestion is that you must know how to phrase your questions, it shouldn’t seem rehearsed and should have a mellow tone.