Radhika Apte’s video on self- love

Radhika Apte's video on self- love

Radhika Apte, the 30-year-old dusky beauty hailing from Pune, has taken the internet by storm through her 4 and a half minute video which bestows on each woman, a realization and a moment of self-introspection on reflecting upon herself.

The video is way more than a mere documentary which withholds lot of optimism in itself.  “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.” – is the message it wants to convey. Her eloquent words on beauty, body image and conduct have already made an abode in the hearts of many women.



The video starts with the Kaun KItne Paani Mein actress dusting and sorting out some of her old books. Meanwhile, she comes across an old childhood picture of herself. Then she starts wondering about what would she tell her younger self if she came across ‘her’ then, or say went back 25years from now. Would she like the kid Radhika to talk less and study more? Or not cry after losing a fancy-dress competition? Or would she tell her how wonderfully her life was going to change in the future?

Actually, none of the above.  All she would like to tell her younger self is just two words which are a contentment in themselves, “You’re Beautiful.”

The video, a part of the ‘#Unblushed’ series by YouTube channel Blush, further films the older Radhika dismissing traditional norms set by society, especially the definition of ‘a well-behaved Indian girl.” By interrogating them who asks the younger ladies to act like one! She seeks answers from them on the definition of ‘well-behaved’, ‘Indian’, ‘girl’, or say, the whole as one. Her advice to her younger self is to live life according to her own rules.

Apni Zindagi ke chhote bade hisse kiraye pe mat dena,” (“Never give on rent any single tiny or, huge part of your Life.”) Ms. Apte says in the video, words that apply to each and every class of women out there.



The message is a simple and straightforward one. “You’re beautiful.” Not according to standards set by conventional media, but as you are.


Unpretentious, true, and honest, this is the message every woman needs to hear, only then she can appreciate herself better, and can go out there and break records and set stronger goals for herself. 🙂



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