Real Life Love Couples of Bollywood

It is well said that love has no boundaries, religion and profession, all it needs is a little heart, cuddling and somewhat staring. There are times when people fall in love with their colleagues, class fellows and neighbor. However, these love relations are never known to the people all around. They just get married, have some kids and live happily after. But there are some whose love can’t stay hidden from the eyes of people and can be the hot discussion in the town. Yes we are talking about the Bollywood stars. Here is a look at sweet and charming relationships of Bollywood stars.

Real Life Love Couples of BollywoodDilip Kumar & Saira Bano

This couple is cutest and adorable of all. Dilip and Saira are still alive in the hearts of Bollywood fans. Saira fell in love with this tragic hero when she was only 12 years old. The age difference between the two is unbelievably 22 years but still they were not able to live apart from each other. With many ups and downs in life, this couple stood side by side, spending a happy life till now.

Sunil Dutt & Nargis

On the set of Mother India, this lovely couple had something going on apart from making film. Nargis felt comfortable with this heroic and innocent man. Although she was popular with Raj Kapoor and was known for the charismatic couple they made but still she couldn’t deny the love, affection and care shown by Dutt. Dutt decided to tell her about what he felt about her and finally they decided to marry and begin a new life. Their affiliation is like a seamless Hindi picture full of action, passion and drama.

Hema Malini &Dharmendra

When we talk about Bollywood love birds, there is none like Dharmendra, the He-man of Bollywood and Hema, the dream girl. They fell in love with each other on the sets of Tum Haseen Main Jawan in the year 1970. They loved madly and also went against their families. With so many years passed, the romantic couple is still in love and is considered among the idealistic couples of Bollywood.

Amitabh & Jaya

Amitabh Bachan was never hidden from the eyes of world when Sri Devi and Rekha were in affair with Big B. But the fate was not in favor of these two actresses because Jaya Bachan was the lucky lady whom Amitabh married. The marriage between the two was held on 3rd June, 1973. Although, in those days, Jaya was well renowned actress and Amitabh was still struggling to make his name but it never ever affected the love life of both. Following the footsteps of parents, Abhishek chose former miss universe and veteran actress Ashwariya to be his life partner.

These couples are fair examples of happy marriages between stars.

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